Wellness At Home Simple Ideas 2022

Wellness At Home Simple Ideas 2022

Wellness at home: Would you like to do something good for yourself and really relax? Pure relaxation is also possible within your own four walls: grab a face mask and co. and have a nice wellness day at home!

Especially when we have a lot to do or spend a lot of time indoors, the pampering program sometimes falls short. To remedy the situation, relax with wellness at home – with all the trimmings! Here you can find out how you can make face masks etc. yourself and what is part of a wellness program in your own four walls.

1. Yoga exercises to do at home

If you currently spend a lot of time sitting and getting a little exercise, yoga is ideal for releasing tension and stretching the entire body. Yoga can be practiced by anyone, as the exercises can be individually adapted to the physical condition. Just listen to your body and only stretch as far as feels comfortable – there may be a little pain, but don’t overdo it. 

Wellness At Home Simple Ideas 2022

Regular yoga exercises will make your body more flexible, improve your posture and prevent pain. You will become more relaxed and calm. In addition, a yoga session can ensure that you can sleep better. 


Yoga is ideal for relieving tension and getting more exercise again. Stretch your entire body with a relaxed yoga session.

2. Make your own scrub

Would you like to do something good for your skin? Then clean them down to the pores with a peeling! At the same time, you rid your skin of old skin cells and stimulate blood circulation. Another positive effect of peelings: the skin is then particularly receptive to care products, so a face mask or a rich cream is particularly worthwhile – this is the perfect way to round off the wellness program at home.

Peelings are suitable for all skin types, but the peeling should be tailored to the appropriate skin area. The skin on the face, for example, is more sensitive than on the back, which is why the peeling on the face should be much finer. 

If you make the scrub yourself, use granulated sugar instead of coarse sea salt. For example, mix white sugar with olive oil until you get a thick mass that you massage onto the skin of your face. If needed, you can also add a few drops of essential oil, such as lime or lavender oil.


Peelings are suitable for all skin types but should be coarser or finer depending on the skin area. Among other things, they stimulate blood circulation and cleanse your skin intensively – ideal for wellness at home.

3. Make face masks yourself

A face mask is simply part of a home spa. But you don’t have to buy them, you can easily make them yourself. The advantage of making your own face masks is that you know the ingredients, so you can do without preservatives that are often found in store-bought masks.

Before applying the mask, make sure that your face is well cleaned so that the mask can take full effect. Avoid the eye area, however, as the skin is particularly sensitive here. You can choose the ingredients for the mask depending on your skin type. Cucumber and tomatoes help with normal or immature skin, and avocado, for example, can help with dry skin.


If you make face masks for the home spa yourself, you can decide what goes in and tailor the mask perfectly to the needs of your skin.

4. Make hair treatment yourself

Relax at home with a hair treatment and care for the hair to the tips. You don’t necessarily have to buy a ready-made hair treatment, because you can easily do the hair treatment yourself. Simply use coconut oil and lemon juice – the oil cares and the lemon juice provides a silky shine.

Mix lemon juice with warmed coconut oil and then apply the treatment to washed and towel-dried hair. Massage in the hair treatment and then leave it on for a while. To enhance the effect, wrap your hair in a towel as you do this. The additional heat supports the caring properties. After the exposure time, you can rinse off the treatment with plenty of lukewarm water.


Coconut oil is a real all-rounder and is also suitable for a homemade hair treatment - simply mix warmed coconut oil with lemon juice and massage it into your hair.

5. Bathing and contrast showers

A warm bath loosens tense muscles and opens the pores of the skin, which allows care products to take effect better. To make relaxing at home perfectly, add a bath additive of your choice to the water. Depending on the scent or ingredients, these have a stimulating, relaxing, or extra nourishing effect. Set the mood with candles, read a book or listen to quiet music – do things that help you relax and that you enjoy.

Don’t like bathing or don’t have a bathtub at home? Then shower extensively on the spa day at home and end with contrast showers. These stimulate blood circulation and at the same time strengthen the immune system. 


A well-tempered bath has a relaxing effect on the muscles and alternating showers stimulate blood circulation. You also strengthen the immune system - perfect for a beauty day at home.

6. Pampering program for the feet: foot baths

For a perfect beauty day at home, treat your feet to an extra portion of care! Foot baths are not only relaxing for the feet but also affect the entire body due to the cold or warm temperature. 

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You can intensify the effect with appropriate additives in the water. But you don’t necessarily have to go shopping for that, because, for example, baking soda in water makes skin soft or curd soap softens calluses so that you can remove them more easily afterward. A few pieces of ginger as a bath additive stimulate blood circulation and ensure pleasantly warm feet. 


Various additives in the water care for the feet - perfect for wellness at home! Ginger, for example, increases blood circulation, and baking soda softens the skin.

7. Massage yourself

You don’t necessarily need a second person for a massage, because you can also massage yourself. Knead your feet vigorously or massage first one and then the other hand yourself. Do you suffer from tension in the neck and shoulder area? Then loosen your neck muscles by first kneading the muscles on the right and then on the left side with your thumb, index, and middle finger in circular movements from the back of your head to your shoulder muscles.

Wellness At Home Simple Ideas 2022

It helps to relieve tense shoulders if you massage certain shoulder points. To do this, place the ball of your right hand on your left collarbone and touch the painful point on your shoulder with your middle fingers. Now massage this for a few minutes in circular movements. Repeat on the other side. A fascia roller also loosens tension and stuck fascia.


Relax at home: feet and hands can be easily kneaded and even if you have a tense shoulder and neck area, you can pamper yourself by massaging certain points in this area in circular movements.

8. Beauty from within beauty foods

Provide your body with macro and micronutrients from the inside as well. Healthy fats, carbohydrates, and proteins are essential. Sufficient intake is important to prevent cell damage and thus premature skin aging. Sweet potatoes, carrots, peppers, and broccoli provide the body with plenty of beta-carotene, which can protect cells from free radicals.

Buttermilk provides the body with calcium and vitamin B12 – both important nutrients for beautiful, glowing skin. Equally good for a young complexion: blueberries and raspberries! The vitamin C contained in the berries boosts collagen production and cushions the skin from the inside. So how about infused water? Simply add some berries to a bottle of water and enjoy throughout the day.


Take care of your body from the inside with beautiful foods while well at home! A sufficient supply of nutrients is important for a good complexion and can slow down premature skin aging.

Knowledge to take away

Wellness at home: pamper your body inside and out! Relax in the Home Spa with a long soak in the bathtub, care for your skin with peelings, a face mask, or a foot bath, and ensure silky hair with a hair treatment. You can also make the beauty products for this yourself – with simple ingredients that you probably even have at home. In this way, you also do without preservatives that are often found in purchased products.

And you can also do something good for your body from the inside by rounding off the spa day at home with healthy foods. There are beauty foods that are particularly good for your skin. For example, add berries to your water and enjoy the infused water. The vitamin C contained in the berries gives your skin a firm appearance.


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