What Are The Signs Of Lung Cancer? Know The 5 Symptoms Of Lung Cancer

What Are The Signs Of Lung Cancer

What Are The Signs Of Lung Cancer? Globally, lung cancer is one of the most threatening cancers to human life and health. Public statistics show that nearly 600,000 people die from lung cancer each year. Therefore, for this deadly disease, early detection and early treatment are more likely to save our lives.

As we all know, smoking is a high risk factor for lung cancer, but in clinical practice, there are still a certain proportion of lung cancer patients who do not smoke or drink. Environmental, diet and genetic factors may all lead to the occurrence of lung cancer. The older the age, the higher the risk.

What Are The Signs of Lung Cancer?

We have summarized 5 symptoms that cannot be ignored, and hope you will not account for any of them.

1. Dry cough and Hoarse Voice:

Lung cancer can also stimulate the trachea and cause an irritating dry cough, which is one of the most typical symptoms of lung cancer. If the tumor tissue ruptures, it can also cause hemoptysis or blood in the sputum. If cancer cells invade the recurrent laryngeal nerve in the throat, the voice will have a hoarse, sharp change.

2. Swelling of the Face:

The development of some lung tumors will compress the superior vena cava, causing the circulation of blood and other body fluids to be restricted. This will cause some patients with lung cancer to have obvious swelling of the face or neck. If you notice this when you look in the mirror, It should be taken seriously.

3. Pain in Shoulder and Back:

Clinicians have also found that some peripheral lung cancers often develop in the posterior upper direction of the body, erode the pleura, or involve the nerves in the shoulders and backs, causing shoulder and back pain. This kind of pain is usually not relieved by rest, and can easily be regarded as a disease such as frozen shoulder.

4. Sudden Weight loss:

Similar to many visceral tumors, lung cancer can also cause rapid weight loss, such as a sudden weight loss of 10 kg or more in just one month, and people suddenly seem to be very thin. This must be taken seriously. On the one hand, the reproduction and development of cancer cells will consume the body’s nutrients, on the other hand, cancer will also affect the person’s appetite and digestive system, leading to rapid weight loss.

5. The Fingertips Become Thicker:

If you find that the ends of your fingers or toes become thicker, a bit like a raised drumstick, you need to be alert. This may be a sign of clubbing. The occurrence of clubbing is common in lung cancer or heart failure. These diseases can lead to a decrease in blood oxygen, which affects the distal fingertips of the body.


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