What Problems May Be Caused By Long Term Smoking? How Long is the Latest to Quit Smoking, And the Lungs May Return to Health?

What Problems May Be Caused By Long Term Smoking

What Problems May Be Caused By Long Term Smoking? Everyone knows the health hazards of smoking. Cigarettes contain a variety of harmful substances and carcinogens. The lungs of the human body are the most harmful. The harm of cigarettes to the lungs is irreversible, so it is necessary to quit smoking as soon as possible for lung health, including avoiding the harm of second-hand smoke.

1. What Problems May Be Caused By Long Term Smoking?

I. Cause lung Cancer:

According to statistics, 80% of people suffering from lung cancer have a long history of smoking. Nicotine and other components in tobacco directly attack lung immunity and induce a series of lung diseases. Once lung fibers are formed over time, they will become lung cancer.

II. Causes Heart Disease:

The harmful substances in cigarettes can not only induce oral diseases, such as gum atrophy, etc.; they can also cause various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, increase heart rate, affect blood pressure, and so on.

III. Stroke:

The nicotine component of cigarettes can easily cause nerve excitement and stimulate the brain, but long-term smoking can induce blood vessel blockage and stroke.

IV. Affect Sleep Quality:

Long-term smoking can also affect the quality of sleep. Because the nicotine in cigarettes can make the nerves in a state of excitement, it is very easy to cause neurasthenia and other situations. If you also have insomnia, it may be related to your long-term smoking.

2. The Sooner You Quit Smoking, The More healthy your lungs will be Restored. How soon can you quit smoking and the lungs will be Healthy?

Quit smoking as soon as possible. If long-term smoking induces lung disease, quitting smoking can help the body recover. Therefore, if you can successfully quit smoking before the age of 35, it will help your lungs to restore health.

  • Quit smoking for a day, protect the heart, stabilize blood pressure.
  • One year after quitting smoking, the risk of coronary heart disease is greatly reduced.
  • After quitting smoking for 5-15 years, the risk of stroke is reduced by half.
  • After 10 years of quitting smoking, the risk of lung cancer is 40% higher than that of continuous smoking.

Therefore, the benefits of quitting smoking are numerous. It not only protects your own health but also protects the health of the whole family. Therefore, for friends with a history of sampling, quitting smoking as soon as possible is also responsible for yourself and others. Of course, it is more uncomfortable for many smokers in the early stage of quitting.

Here, we also introduces some tips for quitting smoking to help you quit smoking quickly.

I. Distraction:

Keep yourself busy during the period of quitting smoking and focus on your work. This can help you forget the habit of smoking. At the same time, find the hobbies you like in your daily life and let yourself devote yourself to it and slowly reduce the number of cigarettes.

II. Drink Plenty of Water:

Cigarettes contain a lot of tar. Drinking plenty of water can help the body excrete the tar in the body, relieve the discomfort of the lungs, and reduce the burden on the lungs. People who have the habit of smoking can cultivate their own habit of drinking tea.

III. Apply Wind oil on the Filter:

When you want to smoke, you can try applying Fengyoujing on the filter tip. Although this method can be very irritating, it can reduce the taste of smoking and make the cigarette feel bitter after the entrance. In this way, suppress your thoughts of smoking and gradually reduce the number of cigarettes until you don’t want to smoke one.

Conclusion: Smoking is harmful to your health, and secondhand smoke is even more harmful to your family’s health, not only harming others but also detrimental to yourself. If you want to quit smoking, please quit smoking as early as possible. It is best to quit smoking before the age of 35. It is not only good for your own health, but also protects the health of your family. At present, we are still in the stage of the outbreak of the new crown epidemic. For lung health, quitting smoking is also an important way to fight the epidemic. Therefore, being responsible for oneself starts with quitting smoking.


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