Which Country Has The Most Job Opportunities ? Top 10 Jobs Abroad For Students

Jobs Abroad For Students

Many students want to go abroad after completing their studies, but many fear that they will miss out on starting their careers and that they will not be able to find a suitable entry or trainee position afterwards there is always questions in his/her mind which country has the most job opportunities. So why not gain international experience and professional experience at the same time?

Which Country Has The Most Job Opportunities

Here are Top 10 Country with most job Opportunities.

1. For the Determined Student | Ireland

Ireland is the linchpin for IT companies in Europe. Corporations such as Facebook, Google, Salesforce, IBM, Oracle, Paypal, Mastercard, Twitter, LinkedIn, Microsoft etc. cavort like sheep on the green island.

Jobs are mainly in the areas of sales, customer service and business development. Often at least 1 year of professional experience is required for the sales jobs – internships and working student positions can benefit you here.

Many of these IT companies are outsourcing their main European locations to Ireland for tax advantages. That is why people who speak English and another European language are particularly sought after here. When posting vacancies, you should therefore look specifically for jobs. These can be found directly on the company website or via LinkedIn.

Telesales jobs are not blunt cold calls. In the Key Account Management department, you take care of existing customers . The tech giants attach great importance to training and further education opportunities.

Benefits of a Tech Job in Ireland:

  • Good name on the CV
  • Networking with people from all over Europe
  • Excellent workout
  • Quick promotion opportunities

2. For the Sociable Student | Greece

Greece is best known as a holiday and recreation country. For some years now, telesales companies have also discovered the country for themselves. A job in Greece after graduation is particularly worthwhile for young people and graduates. The wages are lower, but so are the cost of living. The weather, the holiday atmosphere and the international employees transform pretty much every customer support job into an absolute dream job.

Even if Greece is still struggling with the effects of the financial crisis, they are not taking a job from the Greeks here. In fact, these are “language jobs”. This means that customers in Germany, Austria or Switzerland are looked after directly from Greece.

Most well-known companies are behind the customer service jobs.

Advantages of a Customer Support Job in Greece:

  • Great reference for the CV
  • Networking and employees from all over Europe
  • Excellent workout
  • Holiday atmosphere

3. For the Communicative Student | Spain

Spain ranks high when it comes to emigration. As a student, all doors are open to you, but it can still be difficult to find a job after graduation. Spain is urgently looking for English-speaking employees. You are usually trained directly in the company. This means that you don’t necessarily have to have a lot of work experience.

Of course, Spain has more to offer than just a holiday destination. As many students already know from their Erasmus days, most Spaniards are very open-minded. You will quickly establish friendships between locals and other international employees.

If you would like to learn Spanish but speak English on the job, you can of course still do so on site in a language course. Many companies now also offer language courses for new employees.

What are you waiting for? Why mess at home when you can get your first work experience in beautiful Spain?

Advantages of a Customer Support Job in Spain:

  • Multinational companies are a great reference
  • International and young employees
  • Excellent workout
  • Holiday atmosphere
  • Intercultural competences

4. For the Digital Student | Portugal

Portugal has blossomed into the second IT hub in Europe in recent years. Many international companies in the entertainment industry are based in Lisbon or even have their European headquarters here. This is also the reason why there are so many bilingual jobs here. Lisbon is also known to the Americans as the San Francisco of Europe, as there are also trams that run along the slope.

Anyone who speaks good English of course has a good chance of finding a great entry-level job in Portugal. The many well-known companies not only offer great training opportunities, but can also act as door openers for another job in the future.

Portugal is in no way inferior to its big brother Spain. Lisbon is a beautiful city with cultural and culinary specialties. While you have to choose between the city and the beach for many other customer jobs..

Advantages of a Telesale Job in Portugal:

  • Work experience at a top company
  • Close to the city and the beach
  • Friendly working atmosphere
  • Very good opportunities for advancement

5. For the Elite Student | EU & Worldwide

EU: Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Spain, etc.]

UN: USA, Switzerland, Austria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Thailand, Lebanon, Chile, etc.]

For the elite student, it is advisable to do an internship with the European Union or the United Nations. Internships at the EU or the UN are mostly unpaid, but are still worthwhile.

UN: Internships at the UN are awarded for a minimum of 2 months to a maximum of 6 months. If you have been selected, you have to start the internship shortly before graduation or within one year of graduation. The working languages ​​of the UN are English and French. Fluency in English is mandatory and it is an advantage if you speak another UN official language (Arabic, Chinese, Russian or Spanish).

The EU offers paid and unpaid traineeships. A good command of English is compulsory and French is a must for traineeships in France and Belgium. Even if the applications have strict deadlines and involve several application stages, you should only apply directly via the official EU website and avoid agencies that charge additional money.

The London School of Economics and Political Science writes that some recruitment agencies also advertise internships for the EU and that an internship may not be of the same quality because the agency is the client and not the EU itself.

Advantages of an Internship at the EU or UN:

  • Networking with upper-class circles
  • Insight into the political arena
  • A very good reference for the résumé

6. For The Tech Nerd | Netherlands

So close yet so far. The Netherlands is not the most exotic country, but it can be the fastest in terms of careers. Companies that are looking for a English-speaking employee here demand a lot, but also offer significantly more than other customer service hubs.

The automotive and technology industries in the Netherlands attract with well-paid entry-level jobs. Whether in the middle of Amsterdam or in Maastricht, the Netherlands opens up a whole new perspective on life in the middle of Europe. With an international job, you come into contact with other expats very quickly. And anyway, the Netherlands is very multicultural.

Advantages of a Technical Customer Job in the Netherlands:

  • Top employer
  • Good pay
  • Numerous career opportunities

7. For the Academic | Great Britain

Market research companies such as Euromonitor, Kadence or TSN Global all have their main offices in London and offer analyst, associate, consultant or business development positions. So if you already liked to evaluate data in your bachelor’s or master’s thesis and who liked the research part the most, and who are also interested in international affairs and fluent in English, you should look around for market research companies in Great Britain.

Most research companies evaluate international studies and therefore need international academics. Many positions in Market Research are also specifically looking for English speakers. You can either apply directly to the company or via job advertisements, which are mostly advertised by recruiters.

Benefits of a Research Internship in the UK:

  • Perfect english
  • Academic career
  • Long-term career option with good work

8. For the Fun Student | USA

Jobs in the US for students Anyone who puts soft skills and language learning in the foreground should find out more about Disney’s “ Cultural Representative Program ” in Orlando, Florida. Disney has the largest number of internships in the world for international students and young people. As the name suggests, this program is about introducing and representing your country and culture in one of the Disney pavilions.

The program runs for 12 months and accommodation is available from Disney. Accommodation costs are deducted from salary, which is at least $9.50 per hour. The salary depends on the position you hold. Requirements are fluent English skills, a minimum age of 18 years and you have to be willing to work on weekends and public holidays, as well as to work overtime.

Amusement parks and customer care can be quite exhausting, but with this internship you have the chance to perfect your English and get to know a lot of people of your age from different countries. This program is recommended for undergraduate or high school graduates. With a master’s degree you are overqualified for this.

Advantages of an Internship at Disney Land:

  • Have a really great time
  • Friends from all over the world
  • Perfect english
  • Don’t worry about the accommodation
  • Excellent knowledge of customer service

9. For the gamer | Bulgaria | Malta

Did you only spend your entire studies playing computer games anyway? Malta and Bulgaria offer many customer service positions for a wide variety of online games.

Here you don’t play yourself, but you help the players if they make a contact request or call. For real game fans this is of course a great opportunity to take a look behind the scenes.

Bulgaria is not yet as economically advanced as Spain or Portugal, but you can establish many contacts with like-minded people within the company. Malta is already more international here and English is also the second national language.

Advantages of a Customer Support Job in Bulgaria / Malta:

  • Cool and fun working atmosphere
  • Technical training
  • Refine problem-solving skills
  • Like-minded people right in the workplace

10. For the Jet Setter | United Arab Emirates

Luxury hotels in Dubai are a dime a dozen. Graduate positions are unfortunately rare, but a 3, 6 or 12 month internship in a luxury hotel in Dubai still boosts your CV and immerses you in Dubai’s jet set life. The good thing about an internship in a hotel is that food and accommodation are provided in most cases. Internships in luxury hotels are of course not only available in the United Arab Emirates. If it is too hot in Dubai, you can also apply in Fiji, Mauritius, Thailand, Ireland, Great Britain, etc. However, internships in Dubai are paid for in most cases.

Lots of people apply for job postings, but in the hotel and tourism industry in particular, unsolicited applications are a great way to get into conversation. A hotel or tourism degree is not absolutely necessary for a hotel internship – the hotel industry offers internships in the areas of human resources, accounting, sales and marketing.

Advantages of an internship in a luxury hotel:

  • Luxury lifestyle
  • Don’t worry about the accommodation
  • Excellent knowledge of customer service

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