Which Parts Of Lung Cancer Cause Pain? Lung Cancer May Cause Pain In These 4 Parts

Which Parts Of Lung Cancer Cause Pain

Which Parts Of Lung Cancer Cause Pain? Too many cancer patients are already in the advanced stage when they are diagnosed. There are many reasons. Some people do not pay attention to their health, do not have the habit of regular physical examinations, and fail to detect diseases in time. 

Which Parts Of Lung Cancer Cause Pain?

There are also some people who don’t know the signs of disease. When the body has some discomfort, they don’t know it is an early sign of cancer. Of course, some cancers are atypical early signs that can confuse many common diseases. These reasons cause most cancers to miss the best treatment opportunities when they are discovered. The harm and impact of cancer is often unspeakable pain. For example, the most common lung cancer is not only the most common malignant tumor, but also has a high mortality rate.

  • 1. Chest Pain For Lung Cancer Patients, when cancer cells continue to invade the surrounding tissues or chest wall, it will cause chest pain. Clinically, 25% of lung cancer patients have chest pain for the first time. Moreover, the pain may be intermittent at first, and it may become continuous chest pain in the end, which cannot be relieved even with medication in the later period.
  • 2. Should Pay Attention to The Difference between shoulder pain. If white-collar workers have been engaged in manual labor for a long time or sit in the office for a long time, shoulder pain will also occur. However, if there is continuous shoulder pain for no obvious reason, it should be noted that it may be a sign of early lung cancer, and you should seek medical examination in time. Shoulder pain caused by lung cancer is often characterized by persistent pain. The pain at night is more pronounced than during the day, and it is mainly caused by bone metastasis of cancer cells.
  • 3. Backache Backache Caused by Lung Cancer mostly occurs on one side of the back, that is, on which side the cancer occurs, which side will have obvious pain in the back, and a small number of patients will have back pain on both sides. On the other hand, the back pain caused by lung cancer may be just mild soreness or soreness at first, and then a painful sensation gradually appears. In severe cases, there may be electric shock-like pain. Therefore, for smokers, if you can’t find other causes of back pain, you should check for the possibility of lung cancer.
  • 4. Lower Limb Pain After Lung Cancer Develops, cancer cells not only invade adjacent tissues and parts, but also spread to other parts of the body, causing corresponding pain. When cancer cells metastasize to the lower limbs, they can cause bone pain in the lower limbs. Therefore, when lung cancer causes leg pain, it means that the lung cancer has metastasized. Therefore, when there is unexplained bone pain and bone and joint hyperplasia, it should also be associated with the possibility of lung cancer metastasis, especially for long-term smokers. If lung cancer is diagnosed, it should be treated as soon as possible. Because cancer cells continue to invade human tissues, the pain caused by lung cancer may have other parts. When the intercostal nerve is compressed, it can also cause intercostal nerve pain; if the superior vena cava is compressed, it can also cause headaches; if the cancer metastases to the liver, it can also cause pain in the liver area. However, the common pain areas of lung cancer are mainly chest pain, shoulder and back pain, upper and lower limb pain, headache, abdominal pain, bone pain, etc. Pay attention to distinguish the pain in these areas, and check and diagnose as soon as possible.


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