Why Are More And More People Suffering From Depression? The Doctor Gave 5 Reasons That Are Thought-Provoking

Why Are More And More People Suffering From Depression

Why Are More And More People Suffering From Depression? Living conditions are getting better, and the level of technology and medical care are also improving, but more and more people are depressed. Some people are even very young but choose to end their precious lives because of depression. In recent years, the number of patients with depression has been on the rise. In addition to physical health, everyone should pay more attention to their mental health. Why are more and more people suffering from depression? The doctor said 5 reasons. Because of people’s thoughts, let’s see if you have been recruited? If there is suspected performance, check it as soon as possible and don’t delay it seriously.

Why Are More And More People Suffering From Depression?

More and more people are suffering from depression, or which 5 factors are related to it?

1. Too Much Pressure in Work and Life

Although the living conditions are better now, people’s daily expenses have also increased, and money has become worthless. Many people have just received a month’s salary and have not covered their heat. They have paid mortgages, car loans, and children’s money. Tuition and so on, only a fraction is left. The pace of life is fast, and the pressure of job competition is also great. I often work overtime. In this state for a long time, people tend to become depressed, and the chance of being recruited is higher.

2. Personality

A person with a positive attitude, outgoing personality, and self-confidence is often not easy to get depression, and too low self-esteem, often pessimistic, lack of self-confidence, is more prone to problems in communication and work with others, and after a long time, depressed The seed will germinate.

3. Family

The family’s influence on a person is multifaceted, and it is also great, even lifelong. For example, in childhood, major changes occurred in the family, or the family relationship is not very harmonious, for a long time, it has cast a shadow on my psychology, and in time it has not faded with age.

4. Long-Term Illness

For people with chronic diseases, other uncomfortable symptoms may suddenly appear in the body, which will be amplified by them. They think that their condition has worsened, and they will feel more uncomfortable in terms of symptoms. They are worried that this will bring a lot to the family. For the financial burden of the patient, I will fall into self-blame, want to give up the idea of ​​treatment, and be more prone to depression.

5. Obesity

Now is a society that looks at beauty. Many people judge beauty in one word: thin. For obese people, they are prone to depression. When they want to lose weight but cannot reduce it, they will be more depressed and irritable. They will also be hurt by other people’s words, even if they are unintentional and joking.

I hope you have none of these factors. If you account for one of them, and the following conditions are still met, you may need to pay attention:

  1. Long-term depression and bad mood. 
  2. I feel that I am very useless, I can’t do anything well, and I don’t have any confidence. 
  3. Long-term insomnia, or very drowsiness, do not want to get up to face a new day. 
  4. Appetite decreased. The foods that I loved to eat now have no appetite, and some people will relieve their depression by overeating. 
  5. Despise yourself, feel that your existence is meaningless and worthless, and think that you are worthless.

If you often have these kinds of feelings, you must learn to self-regulate, learn to decompress yourself, suggest more exercise, or write a diary, confide in others, or keep yourself busy, so there is no time to think about it. If after a period of time, the depression is not relieved, and the depression is getting bigger and bigger, you can’t delay it anymore, go to see as soon as possible, let the doctor help you, and get rid of depression as soon as possible.

In summary, there are more and more people suffering from depression, which may have a lot to do with the above five reasons. I hope that everyone will not put too much pressure on themselves. Mental health will make the body healthy. If you often have the above-mentioned manifestations, you should be alert and adjust as soon as possible.


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