Why Do We Sweat Under The Mask? What Helps

Why Do We Sweat Under The Mask

Why Do We Sweat Under The Mask? Sweating under the mouthguard is uncomfortable and can cause skin irritation and pimples. Read here what helps against sweating under the mask.

The coronavirus is highly infectious. Therefore, in order to avoid new infections with COVID-19, it is mandatory to wear a mask in many public areas.

The problem: Even in mild temperatures, we sweat quickly under the mask. Here are a few simple tips that will make wearing a mouth and nose cover more bearable in everyday life.

Why Do We Sweat Under The Mask?

Sweating is a completely normal body function. We regulate our body temperature through sweating. Beads of sweat form, our skin reddens and the hair sticks to our foreheads. Especially on hot days, the mask under the mask can quickly become uncomfortably warm and damp. The moisture reduces the air permeability of the mask and it is more difficult for us to breathe.

In addition, sweat can cause dyes and other substances to escape from the material, which irritate the skin. Last but not least, a moist environment is the perfect breeding ground for pathogens, which is why you should always properly disinfect and care for a cloth mask .

What helps Against Sweating Under a Face Mask?

Today we can tell you which fabrics are best for masks and which mouth and nose protection will make you sweat the least.

This Helps With Sweating Under the Face Mask:

  • Wear Disposable Masks when it is Hot

Unfortunately, there is no one hundred percent remedy against sweating under the face mask. You sweat the least under medical disposable masks. They let in a lot of air. We sweat less and can breathe more easily

  • Use Masks with Ribbons

Is your skin sensitive quickly? Then instead of a mask with abrasive rubber bands, try mouth and nose protection with fabric straps. You can tie these together comfortably behind your head.

  • Use Breathable cloth Masks

With fabric masks made of jersey and beaver fabric, it is particularly easy to breathe. Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz have tested this. The combination of jersey and beaver fabric let through significantly more air than two-layer cotton fabric. With beaver and jersey we not only sweat less, the fabrics also keep potentially infectious droplets off best.

  • Avoid Thick Makeup

Thick make-up and rich day care clog the pores. Our skin can breathe more poorly. In combination with sweat, the number of germs under the mask also increases. This can lead to skin irritation and pimples. It is best to simply leave the make-up or the tinted day cream under the mask on hot days.

  • Take a Refreshing Breath

Treat yourself to a break. Do not wear your corona protective mask (if possible) for more than one and a half hours at a time. The fresh air is also good for your skin. A water spray for the face is particularly refreshing in summer. Simply fill up an empty spray bottle with tap water.


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