Will Smith Net Worth 2022 – How Rich Is The Actor?

Will Smith Net Worth 2022

Will Smith Net Worth 2022: Will Smith is an actor, Musician, and producer. The successful star has a net worth of $ 350 million and an average income of $ 20 million per film. In this article you can find out what Smith makes money and what luxury goods and hobbies he spends his millions on.

Will Smith: His Earnings Per Film

Bright (2017) $ 20 million
Suicide Squad (2016)$ 20 million
Men in Black 3 (2012) $ 20 million
The Karate Kid (2010) $ 5.5 million
Hancock (2008) $ 20 million
The pursuit of happiness (2006) $ 20 million
I, Robot (2004) $ 28 million
Bad Boys 2 (2003) $ 28 million
Men in Black 2 (2001) $ 20 million
Ali (2001) $ 20 million$ 20 million
The Legend of Bagger Vance (2000) $ 10 million
Wild Wild West (1999) $ 7 million
Public Enemy No. 1 (1998) $ 14 million
Men in Black (1997) $ 5 million
Independence Day (1996) $ 5 million
Bad Boys (1995) $ 2 million
Made in America (1993) $ 100,000
Life – A Six-Pack (1993) $ 500,000
Street Children (1992) $ 50,000
Total Revenue$ 237,150,000

Career: From Fresh Prince To Film Star

Will Smith was born on September 25, 1968 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is one of the richest actors of our time.

The career of Willard Carrol Smith Jr., the star’s maiden name, began in the 1980s in a suburb of West Philadelphia. At the age of 13 Smith was already earning his money there as a DJ and created the persona “The Fresh Prince” together with the musician Jeff Townes. The duo “DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince” won two hip-hop Grammys and formed the basis for Smith’s engagement in the series “The Prince of Bel-Air”, in which he was seen from 1990 onwards.

Smith then lived at home with father William C. Smith, Sr., mother Caroline Smith, and his three siblings. But the success with hits like ” Parents Just Don’t Understand” and ” Summertime” made the native Pennsylvanian quickly independent of his parents.

In 1992, Smith married actress Shereen Zampino and became the father of Trey Smith. After separating in 1995, Smith met his current wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. The rich dream couple has two children – Jaden and Willow – who follow in their father’s footsteps when it comes to acting and music.

The actor had his international breakthrough in 1996 with “Independence Day”. His role as a quick-witted alien hunter in “Men in Black” finally made Will Smith a wealthy star. This was followed by leading roles in, among others, “Wild Wild West”, “I Am Legend” and “Suicide Squad” – and growing incomes from 200,000 US dollars (for “Das Leben – Ein Sechserpack”) to 20 million US dollars (for ” Bright “). Smith uses his fortune for cars, estates, and all kinds of costly hobbies.

Spending On Cars, Motorcycles And RVs:

The car collection of the rich “Ali” actor includes a Maybach 57 S (new price: 400,000 US dollars ), a Lincoln Navigator (new price: 70,000 US dollars ), a Peugeot RCZ (new price: 30,000 US dollars ) and a Cadillac Escalade ESV in the luxury version for around 100,000 US dollars.

Smith also owns the black Ford Taurus (new price: 30,000 US dollars ) from “Men in Black 3”. A few years ago, wife Jada Pinkett Smith presented the star with the “Yamaha Vstar 650” – the motorcycle was sold again a little later and replaced by the mighty three-wheeled motorcycle “Can-Am-Spyder RS-S”.

The 96-horsepower monster is nothing compared to the Smith family’s RV: a $ 2.5 million luxury home on 22 wheels. The star was at home here, among other things, during the filming of the drama “Seven Lives”, for which Will Smith made a small fortune of 15 to 20 million US dollars. If Will Smith is not increasing his income on a film tour, the RV is parked in Smith’s mega-garage in the star’s California mansion.

Will Smith Villas And Island Resorts:

In the film drama “The Pursuit of Happiness” Will Smith portrays a homeless man on his way to a regular income. Outside the limelight, the entertainer has already taken this stony path and is counting the money he has earned in richly appointed luxury resorts.

The main residence of the “Hancock” hero is in Calabas, California. The approximately 13,500 square meter property has nine bedrooms, a billiards room, a meditation oasis and a Moroccan-style home theater in which the NFL fan watches the Philadelphia Eagles games. In the in-house recording studio, daughter Willow Smith recorded the hit single ” Whip My Hair”. The property also has a pool, basketball and volleyball courts, and its own pond.

Around 2,500 kilometers further, on sunny Hawaii, Will Smith owned the next luxury property. The island residence near Kilauea houses four houses with a total of 15 bedrooms and bathrooms, various pools and a heavenly variety of plants on several thousand square meters.

Probably also because Will Smith cannot swim, the island house went to a new owner in September 2017. It is estimated that Smith made around $ 12 million on the property. The Smith family has other properties in Miami and Philadelphia. There Will Smith studies books like “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho or pursues his numerous other hobbies.

From Chess To Shoes: Will Smith’s Hobbies

In his films, Will Smith mimes athletes (“Ali”), superheroes (“Hancock”) and tough guys (“Bad Boys”). The hobbies of the star, who likes to play chess, practice sword fighting or listen to the Swedish melodic death metal band “Soilwork”, are just as diverse.

At home, Smith has a shoe collection, the most valuable piece of which is fittingly the Nike Air Uptempo “Bel Airs”. Smith also plays golf and football or prepares his favorite dishes in the luxury kitchens of his houses: Philly cheese steak and Indian tikka masala.

Will Smith, who says he is a “student of all world religions”, donates part of his fortune to charitable organizations. In 2007 alone, Smith donated around $ 1 million to Christian, Jewish, and Muslim churches. The actor has also supported Scientology in the past.

Advertising Deals And Other Plans: That’s What Will Smith Is Doing Right Now

Progress and technologies are nothing new for Will Smith, who presented dystopian and utopian models of the future in “I, Robot” and “After Earth”. The “Fresh Prince” also selects its advertising deals accordingly.

In a Google commercial, Smith introduces the “Pixel 3” smartphone, and in another he goes on a date with the lifelike robot lady “Sophia”. It is not known to what extent the megacorporations paid the star for this. Son Jaden Smith earns his living as an advertising face for the US space agency NASA.

Speaking of the future: the star’s calendar is already full for the coming months. In 2019 the star will appear in “Aladdin”, “Spione Undercover” and “Gemini Man”. For Aladdin, Will Smith is even supposed to contribute the soundtrack and earn double the money: another 40 million US dollars in the account of the star, whose fortune could break the magical 300 million dollar mark.


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