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Globehour website receives approximately 111K Clicks and 3M Impressions monthly.

Globehour is the hub of providing authentic knowledge to the world’s readers. We believe a person should never stop learning, and that’s what we aim for. Our guest posts introduce a great deal of knowledge for both the readers and the writers. As readers, people get to read about a plethora of world topics while you, as a writer, soar to new heights in your career and discover your unique writing voice with our paid guest posting.

Our readers are the real assets to us. That’s why we always keep track of their favorite themes and publish content that adds to their knowledge. Such posts have convincing arguments, help developers, strategists, and researchers, and ignite a spark in the minds of an intrigued audience.

What We’re Looking For

Your writing piece should be valuable to the audience. We appreciate original, intriguing, and engaging blogs that people love to read.

You may select any inspiring or trending topic for your guest post, weighing with knowledge. A complete draft with a proper outline will help our editors evaluate your work better. Make sure you add proper headings to the content.

You can check some of our best-doing articles to have a better understanding of the structure and type of content we acknowledge.

Price: $100/article, Paypal direct transfer

Note: We will verify your transfer first before posting

Technical Details

To write a successful guest post for our website, make sure your submission contains the following technical details:

  • Length: The article should be a minimum of 1000 words
  • File type: It must be provided in a doc or docx file
  • Formatting: Use Arial font with 12pt
  • Fact-check: Link claims, facts, and figures to a credible source of information
  • Internal Linking: A maximum of two do-follow links to your respective pages
  • Tone: Casual/ Conversational
  • Note: We strictly don’t allow CBD, Gambling, and Nude related articles

Send your content at: globehour@gmail.com

The Process of Contributing Guest Posts

Here is the process of how we accept guest posts at Globehour.

Before You Start/Sending in Your Proposal

Before you start writing, send us a proposal through email with the topic and a brief introduction to the post’s contents.

Our editors will review your pitch and evaluate if the topic is worth sharing. Once it gets approved, you may send us an outline of your article. This will help us get a clear direction for your post.

While You Are Writing/ Writing Your Guest Post

You can start working on your article as soon as the outline gets approved. Anyhow, we recommend keeping the following guidelines in mind while you write:

  • The article must be 100% unique and informative
  • We check each article using CopyScape, if it fails to pass the test, we will discard it
  • Always add a reference to the author if you quote someone from the internet
  • Your guest post must be grammatically-correct, have no spelling errors, and should be a minimum of 1000 words
  • It must be gripping and hook the audience with a curiosity
  • Add relevant images in the document – Also send the images as a zip file
  • The content must be unique and must not be posted elsewhere – Including your own site

When You are Done/ Submitting Your Article

Before submitting for approval, ensure your work covers all the main points proposed in the outline. We also appreciate attaching images with your article. You may make a zip file of all the pictures and secure it with the email.

Also, mention how much traffic you receive monthly. We will manually check each submission on Ahref to look for if the website is suitable or not.

Understand that all content must be original and will have to pass through copyscape.com for verification.

The Reviewing Process:

It takes roughly 3-7 business days until our editorial team reviews your work. Keep in mind that we reserve the right to edit and proofread your content during the process. Our team may add or remove links and data to make it more audience-friendly. 

We are confident this post will help clear any questions you have about our process. You can also email us in case of further queries. We will be waiting to receive your amazing work!