Zlatan Ibrahimovic Net Worth 2022: How Much Does Zlatan Ibrahimovic Earn?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Net worth 2022


  • 180 Million Euros


  • 15 Million Euros

How much does Zlatan Ibrahimovic earn?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Net Worth 2022: Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of the best forwards in the world, although his Slavic name is Swedish. The son of a Bosnian father and a Croatian mother was born in Malmo in 1981 and started playing football there. He soon gave up attending the local high school in favor of soccer. Most recently, Zlatan played for the Los Angeles Galaxy, where he even became the top earner in MLS with a salary of $7.2 million.

The superstar is already playing for his old club AC Milan in the second half of the 2019/2020 season. For six months his salary is around 3.5 million euros, the salary for the next season is 7 million euros. The contract was extended by another year in 2021 under the same conditions and runs until summer 2022.

The Swede has benefited from a lucrative advertising deal with Nike, which is expected to bring him an extra €3m a year. He earned additional income through appearances in various TV commercials (Volvo, Samsung, etc.) and his autobiography, which was published in 2012. His name Zlatan is protected as a trademark for sporting goods, shoes and clothing. Ibrahimovic is valued at 180 million euros.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: From Nobody to Millions

In 1999 Ibrahimovic made the leap into professional football. He was initially relegated to Malmo but helped them direct promotion the following season with 12 goals. This aroused the interest of international clubs.

For example, he moved to Ajax Amsterdam in the summer of 2001 for 7.8 million euros. Three years later, Juventus paid 19 million for Ibrahimovic. In 2006 he finally moved to Inter Milan – for which the club paid 24.8 million euros. In one of the most expensive transfers in football history (so far), Ibrahimovic moved to Barcelona in 2009 for around 75 million euros. After frictions with head coach Guardiola, he returned to AC Milan in Serie A in 2010, earning €9m a season.

Paris St Germain:

In 2012, Ibrahimovic next went to Paris Saint-Germain, in the second half of 2013 he even played alongside superstar David Beckham. With an annual salary of 15 million euros at Paris Saint-Germain, Ibrahimovic is one of the highest-paid footballers in the world.

Manchester United and crazy salaries:

After four Ligue 1 titles, Zlatan moved to Premier League club Manchester United in the summer of 2016 and briefly pursued goals with Schweinsteiger. For the free transfer forward, the salary must be staggeringly high:

For example, Der Spiegel published contract details that were leaked via football leaks. Ibrahimovic’s longtime trusted agent Mino Raiola has struck a prime deal for the Swede with head coach Jose Mourinho and the player’s agent should be making big bucks himself. Ibrahimovic is said to have received a total salary of €22.62 million during the one-year contract that ends on June 30, 2017. But there are also some interesting bonuses for goals or assists, which are broken down as follows:

  • €280,000 for the first 5 goals or assists
  • €470,000 6-10 goals
  • €660,000 11-15 goals
  • €850,000 16-20 goals
  • 1.13 million euros for 21-35 goals
  • 2.27 million euros for 36-40 goals

Before tearing his cruciate ligament on April 20, Ibrahimovic had 28 goals and 10 assists. As a result, another 3.39 million euros went to the superstar’s account. Until 2018, due to injuries and table placements, there was no automatic renewal under the same top-level terms. United should have finished in the top three in the Premier League while Zlatan should have started in 31 of 38 games. (27 of his 33 games before injury).

Manchester United and Ibrahimovic signed a contract extension in August 2017. By giving up half his base salary, he was able to stay with the English record champions at least until the summer of 2018 and continue to look for goals. However, in March 2018, the $10 million contract was terminated early, ending with a move to LA Galaxy.

LA Galaxy:

He joined LA Galaxy from MLS in March 2018, where Zlatan gave up big money in his freshman year. The first salary was only $1.5 million. The reason for this is the so-called salary cap, which also exists in other sports in the USA (NFL, NHL, NBA…). However, in the MLS there are 3 exceptions per team that has already been played in the Galaxy. In 2019, the Swede was the top earner in MLS with $7.2 million before bowing out.

Side note: The Swede also landed a $100m deal from China, which he politely turned down in favor of LA Galaxy. The deal is said to have left his player’s agent, Mino Raiola, unsatisfied.

Back to AC Milan:

In December 2019, the Swedish superstar renewed his contract with AC Milan. He already played for Milan from 2010 to 2012. The new contract initially runs until the summer of 2020 and includes an option to extend it by a further year. in six months and 7 million euros in 2021.

Participation in betting providers:

A scandal broke out in April 2021: With the acquisition of a 10 percent stake in the Swedish bookmaker “Bethard” via a subsidiary, Zlatan clearly violated FIFA regulations, which now have repercussions and may even lead to premature departure from Geen ft with bookmakers forbidden.

Swedish national team:

Parallel to his career at international clubs, Ibrahimovic also plays as a Sweden international: first, he scored for the U21 national team, and since 2001 he has played for the national team with a place in the squad for the 2004 European Championship. He led the team to Euro 2012 and Euro 2016 but was also his last station for the national team.

Zlatan’s greatest achievement:

Zlatan Ibrahimovic was champion of the Netherlands with Ajax in 2002 and 2004, 2005, and 2006.) Ibrahimovic celebrated the 2010 Spanish title with FC Barcelona, ​​the French title with Paris Saint-Germain from 2013 to 2016, and in 2017 he won the Europa League with Manchester United.

Ibrahimovic has been voted Sweden’s footballer of the year 10 times – more than anyone before him. He was also named Italy’s Footballer of the Year in 2008, 2009, and 2011, winning the award several times and becoming the top scorer in his respective

Own your own stamps in Sweden:

Due to his incredible reputation in Sweden, a set of stamps dedicated to the superstar was collected in 2014. Ibrahimovic appears on five Swedish stamps. He himself said in his usual arrogant tone: “I usually take the notes myself and rarely have nice stamps and letters. “

own video game:

Since August 2017, the Swedish striker has his own video game “Zlatan Legends” in the App Store, where the star will also make a fortune and further consolidate his brand.

Bronze statue in Malmo:

On 8 October 2019, a 500 kg bronze statue was erected in Malmö to honor the top star, repeatedly vandalized by angry Malmö fans over the purchase of a stake by Hammarby IF Football Club, a direct competitor of Malmö FF.


Ibrahimovic and his wife, former Swedish model Helena Sager, come from poor backgrounds and have not concealed their wealth. They own several stately homes and drive limousines. The family owns impressive properties in Malmö, Paris, and Sweden Ski resort Aare Zlatan Ibrahimovic bought an island in Lake Mälaren, Sweden’s third largest lake, with 500 hectares of hunting grounds for less than 3 million euros.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Cars:

  • Volvo C30 TS
  • Porsche Cayenne Turbo
  • Ferrari Enzo
  • Ferrari 360 spider
  • Lamborghini Gallardo (Color: Pink)
  • Porsche Carrera GT
  • Messerati Grand Prix
  • Audi S8 Quattro


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