How Many Goals Has Robert Lewandowski Scored? Total Career Analysis (2006 – 2022)

Robert Lewandowski goals

How Many Goals Has Robert Lewandowski Scored? Robert Lewandowski has spent years at a very high level, teaching day by day about what a TOP striker is and what he should do. For this reason, we will analyze the entire scoring career of the Polish striker of Bayern Munich from its beginnings to its present time worthy of the most prestigious awards in football.

Goals Robert Lewandowski Total Analysis Of His Career (2006-2022)

Lewandowski is an insatiable scorer, currently being one of the forwards with the best scoring rates of this century. Not surprisingly, Robert Lewandowski’s goals are the main argument that places him as one of the great candidates for the Ballon d’Or.

The Polish striker has been at a very high level for several seasons, being the best “9” forward in the world without any discussion, since his figures, records, individual performances, and importance in the big events have made him a pillar of Bayern Munich. the most dominating team today.

Precisely this scorer facet is the strongest factor of this center forward, who tends not to be in the spotlight for the most important awards because it does not influence other aspects such as the creation of the game, but in terms of what he dedicates, to finish off and score goals, he is number one in the world today.

How Many Goals Has Robert Lewandowski Scored? Total Career Analysis (2006 – 2022)

TeamsGoalsMatchesAverage G/P
Bayern Munich 3413700.93
Borussia Dortmund 1031870.55
Lech Poznan41820.50
Znicz Pruszkow 21320.65
Polish Selection 741280.58
TOTAL 5978320.74

Robert Lewandowski is a killer of those before, of those killers who not only contribute goals but are in charge of frightening the defenses of the largest and smallest teams on the continent with their footwork, their effectiveness in spikes and with innate ability to score goals even by accident.

For this reason, since his debut in the distant year of 2006, Robert Lewandowski has already added the scandalous figure of 553 goals adding his annotations at the club level and with the senior team in Poland, of which he is also the historical top scorer and captain.

Goals Robert Lewandowski – Season 2021/2022:

CompetitionGoalsMatchesAverage G/P
Bundesliga 32291.15
UEFA champions league 13101.50
DFB Cup 1
DFL Super Cup212.00
TOTAL 47411.23
Average Goals For The 2021/2022 Season: 1.23 Goals/Game.

Robert Lewandowski’s 2021/2022 season is being the perfect continuation of his excellent 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 seasons, maintaining the level that keeps him as the player who “deserves yes or yes” the Ballon d’Or thanks to his perseverance, his incredible goalscoring average that exceeds (for now) the average of more than one goal per game.

Goals Robert Lewandowski – Season 2020/2021:


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CompetitionGoalsMatchesAverage G/P
Bundesliga 41291.41
UEFA champions league 560.83
DFB Cup 221.00
DFL Super Cup 1
Club World Cup 1
European Super Cup 1
TOTAL 48401.20
Average Goals For 2020/2021 Season: 1.20 Goals/Game.

Although in the 2020/2021 season the Bayern Munich could not return to dominate the international scene as if it could do so in the pandemic season, last year was one of the most successful individual careers, adding figures that provide whole in his candidacy for the 2021 Ballon d’Or.

In total, Robert Lewandowski scored 48 goals in 40 games, this being one of the best goalscorer seasons in his entire career, being surpassed only by the 2019/2020 season, in which he scored 55 goals in 47 games.

Goals with Bayern Munich (2014 – Present)


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CompetitionGoalsMatchesAverage G/P
UEFA champions league 68780.88
DFB Cup 29330.87
DFL Super Cup 680.75
Club World Cup 221
European Super Cup 1
TOTAL 3413700.92
Average Goals With Bayern Munich: 0.92 Goals/Game.

Robert’s arrival at Bayern Munich was the logical step in the career of a forward who knew that his goals would not be enough to win the big titles, but that he needed a project to back him up. Over the years, it has been proven that Lewandowski made the right decision, scoring more than 300 goals with the Bavarian jersey and being a key player in each and every Bayern Bundesliga in which he has participated.

His highest point as a Bavarian player occurred in the 2019/2020 season, in which he scored 55 goals and won the long-awaited triplet and the subsequent sextet. in the atypical season of the pandemic.

Goals with Borussia Dortmund (2010 – 2014):


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CompetitionGoalsPJAverage G/P
Bundesliga 741310.56
UEFA champions league 17280.60
DFB Cup 10170.58
DFL Super Cup 130.33
UEFA Europa League standings 2
UEFA Europa League 160.16
TOTAL 1031870.55
Average Goals With Borussia Dortmund: 0.55 Goals / Game.

We all remember Borussia Dortmund’s Robert Lewandowski. That Jürgen Klopp team that won the Bundesliga and reached the final of the UEFA Champions League can not be explained without the goals of the Pole. Between 2010 and 2014 Lewandowski established himself in the elite of German football, managing to score more than 100 goals with the yellow shirt.

However, as is common in the predictable German league, Bayern Munich got in the way of this story. Just months after his contract ended, it was announced that Bayern had reached an agreement with Lewandowski to incorporate the forward for free.

Goals With Lech Poznan (2008 – 2010)

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CompetitionGoalsPJAverage G/P
PKO Ekstraklasa (Polish First Division) 32580.55
Superpuchar Polski 111
Fortuna Polish Cup 270.28
UEFA Cup (Europa League) 180.12
UEFA Cup standings 340.75
Ranking UEFA Europa League 240.50
TOTAL 41820.50
Average Goals With Lech Poznan: 0.50 Goals / Game.

Shortly after his excellent season with Znicz Pruszkow, Lech Poznan spent 380,000 euros to sign the talented forward who would have his first chance in the Polish first division. In two seasons with Poznan, Lewandowski scored 41 goals in 82 games, sparking the interest of several Premier League teams.

In fact, Lewandowski was very close to signing for Blackburn Rovers, but the eruption of a volcano in Iceland prevented the Pole from traveling to England and finally, Borussia Dortmund knocked on his door.

Goals with Znicz Pruszkow (2006 – 2008):

CompetitionGoalsPJAverage G/P
Fortuna 1 Liga (Polish Second Division) 21320.65
TOTAL 21320.65
Average Goals With Znicz Pruszkow: 0.65 goal/game.

Lewandowski’s professional career began with Znicz Pruszkow of the second division in his native Poland. In his first season, he scored 21 goals in 32 games, debuting in the 2006/2007 season.

Lewandowski Goals for Poland:

Friendlies 1951
World Cup qualification 2735
Eurocup qualification 1920
EURO 511
World Cup3
UEFA Nations League27
TOTAL 74128
Average Goals With Polish: 0.56 Goals/Game.

At 20 years and 20 days exactly, Robert Lewandowski made his official debut for the Polish national team on September 10, 2008 in a match against San Marino in the qualifying rounds for South Africa 2010. In that match, Lewandowski scored his first official goal and will begin the adventure of the current top scorer in the history of his team.

Lewandowski Goals With The Polish Youth Categories:

Category GoalsMatches
Poland U213
Average Goals With Polish Youth Team: 0.00 goals/game.

The rise of Robert Lewandowski with the Polish team is explained by his statistics with the youth categories. After making his debut at just 19 years, 9 months and 11 days with the Poland Under-21 team and playing three games with the team led by Andrzej Zamilski, Lewy was called up with the senior team without having the opportunity to score youth goals.

Other Goal Scoring Records And Data:

How Many Goals Has He Scored From a Foul?

At the direct free-kick level, Robert Lewandowski is not a specialist. The Polish striker tends to assign fouls to other more technical players or to generate set pieces according to the tactics of his coaches. Nevertheless, the Bayern Munich striker has undertaken to send the ball into the back of the net in shots-kick on six occasions throughout his career.

The first of all was with the Borussia Dortmund shirt in the 2013/2014 season, while the other five have been with the Bavarian team.

How Many Goals Has Robert Lewandowski Scored From The Penalty Spot?

Being a “9” of guarantees, Robert Lewandowski has always been in charge of throwing the maximum penalties in his teams. Not surprisingly, of all the goals that Robert Lewandowski has scored in his entire career, 53 of them have been penalized.

With Borussia Dortmund, he scored six of them, the most important of all being the one that meant the final 4-1 of that win against Real Madrid in the 2012/2013 season.

How Many Assists / Assists Has Robert Lewandowski Given?

TeamsAssistance 2006-2021
Bayern Munich 67
Borussia Dortmund 42
Lech Poznan 20
Znicz Pruszkow1
Polish Selection 26

Although Robert Lewandowski is not an assisting forward, the Polish forward has excellent numbers at the level of assists. Throughout his career, Robert already exceeds the figure of 150 assists, having 156 in total adding his goals at club level and with the Polish national team.

How Many Times did He score Three or More Goals In His Career?

Hat-trickPokerRe poker
TOTAL 2541

A scorer in this category inflates his figures with goals, goals, and more goals. Although the common thing is to score one or two goals per game on a good day, Robert Lewandowski breaks the daily life, having a huge accumulation of games with three or more goals throughout his career at the club and national level.

What Is His Record For Goals In a Match?

As we have already seen in the previous section, Robert Lewandowski is a forward with the enormous facility to score in duplicate and even in triplicate in the big and small appointments of his career.

However, the match in which Lewandowski has shown all his potential and his scoring ability took place in the 2015/2016 season under the command of Pep Guardiola. In September 2015, Lewandowski came on the switch and scored five goals in just nine minutes, the only game in which he has managed to score more than four goals in his long career.

What Is His Record For Goals In a Season?

CompetitionGoalsPJAverage G/P
UEFA champions league 15101.50
DFB Cup 651.20
DFL Super Cup 1
TOTAL 55471.17
Average Goals Of His Best Season 2019/2020: 1.17 Goals/Game.

Robert Lewandowski has had scoring seasons and seasons in football history. Among his excellent statistics, one season stands out from the rest, and it is the 2019/2020 season, the season in which he and no one else deserved the Ballon d’Or that was not awarded due to the extraordinary situation of the pandemic.

That year Lewandowski broke the 50-goal barrier, scoring 55 goals in 47 games, averaging more than one goal per game in practically all the competitions he played.

Very close to these figures was the 2020/2021 season in which he added 48 goals in 40 games, scoring 41 goals in 29 Bundesliga games, a true record in German sport.

What Are The Individual Awards That Robert Lewandowski Has Won?

Top Scorer in the II League (Poland)2006/2007
Top Scorer of the I League (Poland) 2007/2008
Top Scorer of the German Cup 2011/2012
Top Scorer of the Ekstraklasa 2009/2010
Bundesliga Top Scorer 2013/2014
Top scorer of the qualifying rounds for the Eurocup 2015/2016
Bundesliga Top Scorer 2015/2016
Top scorer of the German Cup 2016/2017
Top scorer in the World Cup qualification 2016/2017
Bundesliga top scorer 2017/2018
German Cup Top Scorer 2017/2018
German Cup Top Scorer 2018/2019
Bundesliga Top Scorer 2018/2019
UEFA Best Player of the Year (2020)
Bundesliga Top Scorer 2019/2020
German Cup Top Scorer 2019/2020
UEFA Champions League Top Scorer2019/2020
Bundesliga Top Scorer 2020/2021
Best Footballer of the Year Poland(2011-2020)
Best Soccer Player of the Year Germany (2020, 2021)
FIFA Player of the Year / The Best (2020)
TOTAL30 Individual Awards

Robert Lewandowski has won a large number of individual awards throughout his career, the vast majority of which are thanks to the seasons in which he has been the top scorer in the competitions he has played.

However, of all his individual awards, the two most prestigious and important were conferred on the Pole in 2020, a year in which many people also asked, and with good reason, the Ballon d’Or for the Bayern Munich striker.

At the FIFA gala, Robert Lewandowski received The Best award, considered the FIFA Ballon d’Or, since this competition was born after the division between France Football and the body that manages the sport in recent years.

As for UEFA, Lewandowski received the Best Player in Europe Award, this being the second most prestigious accolade that an elite footballer can receive, being only one notch below the golden ball.


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