How Many Goals Has Ronaldinho Scored? Total Career Analysis

Ronaldinho Career Analysis

How Many Goals Has Ronaldinho Scored? Do not let his smile on the field deceive you, it will often be fake and defeat the defenders, yes it is that of the player Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, known as Ronaldinho Gaucho or in short Ronaldinho because of his small size, he is a famous Brazilian footballer known for his exceptional ability to dribble and his great use For his unlimited tricks and intelligence to deceive defenders, as well as his skills in executing free kicks and accuracy of passing and shooting from afar, he is considered one of the best players of all time.

How Many Goals Has Ronaldinho Scored? Total Career Analysis

Today we will discuss this impressive march, trying to list the most important details of it, an interesting read.

“Ronaldinho is the best player for me”
Diego Maradona

Ronaldinho’s Career With Clubs:

1. Beginnings:

Ronaldinho was born on March 21, 1980 in Porto Alegre, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, to a middle-income family. His older brother, Roberto, was a professional player playing for the Cruzeiro team. For this reason, his father decided to make his youngest son a big player, and became keen on training him in the street and parks on free offenses, penalty kicks, dribbling and anything that might improve his son’s football skills, in addition to playing indoors and in beach competitions.

At the age of 13, Ronaldinho, who was playing in the Gremio youth team at the time, became famous after scoring 23 goals in one match against a local team. To be identified as a young player, much awaits him in the future.

2. Early Appearance in Gremio:

In 1998 young Ronaldo was promoted to the first team of his club Gremio and waited until the next season to get his chance at the age of 18, scoring 22 goals in 47 games, and he made strong performances in local derbies, especially those that brought him together with International Club in the final Rio Grande do Sul State Championship Where Brazil’s 1994 World Cup-winning captain embarrassed and dribbled him several times.

His brilliance and prolific scoring of goals and their creation continued, but with this he signed a secret contract with Paris Saint-Germain before the end of his contract with Gremio, and this is what made the fans revolt against him until the end of the 2000/2001 season, although his team did everything in its power to nullify this The deal and the preservation of their first star, but Ronaldinho left them in the end.

3. The Magician Lands In Paris:

On April 10, 2001, the Brazilian star landed in the French capital, several months after he was suspended and signed a five-year contract with the French club, and was given the number 21 shirt next to the Nigerian creator Jay Jay Okocha and Nicolas Anelka.

Ronaldinho waited until August 4 to participate in his first match as a substitute in the PSG shirt, and he spent most of the first half of the season as a substitute player before he exploded and scored 4 goals in four consecutive matches, and he continued to shine and was one of the most prominent players in the team, However, Paris coach Luis Fernandez complained that Gaucho focuses too much on the nights in Paris and his lack of discipline during his vacation in Brazil because he does not return in the deadline set for him.

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Despite these differences, Ronaldinho was given the No. 10 shirt in which he played in a season that was not as distinguished as the first in the opinion of many, except that he provided some magical touches, such as scoring three goals against rival Olympique Marseille back and forth, and scoring the goal of the year against the Guingamp team with the vote of the fans.

And with this, the Parisians finished eleventh in the French League standings, and lost the French Cup final to Auxerre 1-2 at the last moments, to go crazy with the Brazilian magician and openly declare that he wants to leave the Princes’ Garden due to Saint-Germain’s failure to qualify for any European competition And indeed, what the French were afraid of happened.

“I played against him when he came to Paris Saint-Germain in 2001, and at that time I was sure that he would become the best player in the world.”
Laurent Blanc

4. Ronaldinho’s Career With Barcelona:

In 2003, Barcelona president Joan Laporta held a press conference in which he promised to sign one of three players, David Beckham, Thierry Henry or Ronaldinho, but the first preferred to move to Real Madrid, while the second renewed his contract with Arsenal and stayed there, and the third dream came true and signed The Brazilian star with the Blaugrana for 21 million euros, hoping to follow in the footsteps of his compatriots Romario, Ronaldo and Rivaldo, but Ronaldinho will outperform everyone as you all know.

“It was the right choice. We Brazilians have always preferred Barcelona and we have a history there. They are a team that prefer strikers and talented players. I miss the city after five wonderful seasons I played with them.”
Ronaldinho speaking to the British newspaper ForTowFor

Ronaldinho 2003/2004 Season:

And immediately Barcelona rushed to hold a friendly match in order to present their new player against Milan, the first team to play against, the magician, scoring a goal in a 2-0 win under the leadership of Dutch coach Frank Rijkaard. As for the first goal in the Spanish League, it came against Seville with a wonderful goal that hit the crossbar before scoring, but Ronaldinho was injured in the first half of the season, which made Barca fall to 12th place in the La Liga standings.

But with the return of the player, he scored 15 goals, which contributed to his team’s second place, and made the winning goal against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu, which is the first victory for Barcelona there in seven seasons, which made Xavi confirm that this will be the real start for the Catalan team in the future.

Ronaldinho 2004/2005 Season:

Ronaldinho was crowned the best player in the world for his glow and unimaginable performance, and he led Barcelona to win the Spanish League title for the first time in the new century. In this season, he made the first goal scored by the legend Lionel Messi in his career on May 1, 2005 against Albacete team.

The Brazilian magician became more famous and became a phenomenon in the whole world because of his easy manipulation of defenders through unique skills and playing style that the naked eyes have never seen. But Barca withdrew from the Champions League finals against Chelsea, 4-5 in the two matches. Gaucho scored two goals at Stamford Bridge, one of which was fictional, in which he pretended to shoot and then actually shot, a trick that made the defenders stop for three seconds before they saw the ball in the net.

“Ronaldinho can convey a lot of joy, joy and fun within the match, he has individual skills at a very high level that all the fans in the world love him.”
Frank Rijkaard, Barcelona coach (2003-2008)

Ronaldinho 2005/2006 Season:

In the first leg of the Clasico, Barcelona defeated Real Madrid 3-0 at the Santiago Bernabeu, and Ronaldinho scored two goals that made the stadiums of the Royal Club applaud him, and this is a rare thing to be the second Catalan player honored by Madrid fans in this way after the late Diego Maradona.

At the end of 2005, Ronaldinho had won a large number of individual awards and was voted as the best player in the world for the second time in a row, and won the prestigious Golden Ball award for the only time in his career. And the best seasons for the Brazilian will continue when it achieves the Spanish League again, as well as the European Champions League title, which it returned to the Camp Nou since 1992.

After Barcelona qualified in the group stage, the round of 16 came to bear a fierce confrontation against Chelsea, who knocked them out last season, but with the arrival of the best player in the planet to its climax, it seemed easier than before and the Blaugrana managed to cross into the quarter-finals to bring out the stubborn Benfica and then the strong Milan In the semi-finals and beat Arsenal 2-1 in the final on May 17, 2006.

“Ronaldinho was more talented than Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, when we didn’t know what to do he would simply create chances to score.”
Deco the legend of Barcelona and Portugal

Ronaldinho 2006/2007 Season:

Scored Ronaldinho’s goal of 50 in the Spanish league against Villarreal and then followed by the second goal which he said he dreamed of scoring the goal since he was a boy. And in December, he scored a goal and made others in a 4-0 victory over Club America in the semi-finals of the Club World Cup, but Barcelona lost the final against the Brazilian International 0-1.

On December 15, Gaucho finished third in the Ballon d’Or award, behind Italy’s captain Fabio Cannavaro, the 2006 World Cup winner, and Frenchman Zinedine Zidane. Although he scored 21 goals in the tournament, they lost it to Real Madrid because of direct confrontations after the two teams tied in the number of points, a loss that will cast a shadow over the future of the Brazilian jewel.

Ronaldinho 2007/2008 Season:

After winning all the great collective and individual titles with Barcelona and Brazil, Ronaldinho’s performance witnessed a sharp decline after he began to focus on nights and reckless training, and this contradicts the mission of an athlete playing at the highest levels, and he also began to lose the support of fans who did not They lift a finger after the statements of club president Joan Laporta in which he indicated that the Brazilian player needs a new team to rediscover himself, and this is a guaranteed message to reach. Make sure that his time with the team is over, especially after his repeated injuries that made his season end badly.

And after many news and rumors linking him to a move to a new team, Ronaldinho reached an official agreement to join AC Milan after 5 years in Catalonia, in which the magician later stated that it was the best years of his life, adding that he regretted not playing with Lionel Messi for a longer time.

“Ronaldinho was responsible for the change that happened in Barcelona, ​​we were going through bad times and with his arrival everything changed, we should always be grateful for everything he did.”
Lionel Messi

5. To Milan, The Last Major Station:

Ronaldinho joined Milan to neighbor his compatriots Kaka and Pato, and although many of the Rossoneri fans were not convinced of this deal, the Brazilian player will use this opportunity to regain his level somewhat and present many great offers at the San Siro under the leadership of coach Carlo Ancelotti.

Ronaldinho scored his first goal in the Milan shirt on September 28, 2008, and it was a special goal because he came against Inter Milan in the Derby della Madonnina. He went for the neighbor again, and despite this Gaucho promised the fans that he would play a more important role next season, especially after Kaka’s departure to Real Madrid.

These promises did not go well at first due to Ronaldinho’s return to the noisy parties, but soon regained his senses and returned to become more decisive after scoring important goals, especially in the Champions League against Real Madrid, and ended 2009 in the best way with two goals against Juventus, Then the new year began with a hat-trick against the Siena team to show a high performance in which it seems that the magician has been reborn.

“When I played with Ronaldinho he was an incredible player, his techniques and his natural ability to control the ball and the tricks he performed were impossible, we tried for hours to imitate him but to no avail.”
David Beckham

Although Milan did not win titles, the fans of the Lombard club are happy with Bruni, who once again showed his inimitable talent through goals from various ways, violations, shots, penalty kicks and others, in addition to his famous fluctuating dribbling and making decisive passes, which were all a source of happiness in Milan (14) Founded 2009/2010 season).

However, he was not called up for the Brazilian national team squad for the 2010 World Cup, and it seems that this will be the beginning of the end for the genius who has not yet turned 30. And in the 2010/11 season, Ronaldinho still provided some decisive touches such as his two goals towards his new teammate Ibrahimovic, but the exit from the Champions League inevitably affected his career in Milan to leave the team in the winter camp.

6. Back to Brazil:

Ronaldinho’s name has been associated with several teams in Brazil, especially his childhood team Gremio, and young Ronaldo confirmed that if it were in his hands, he would have returned to him again, but he eventually moved to Flamengo and was received by more than 20,000 fans at Javea Stadium.

He scored his first goal with his new team against Boavista, and a few weeks later he converted a free kick in front of the same team to a goal that led them to win the Guanabara Championship, and one of the exciting matches against Santos saw him scoring a hat-trick that made Flamengo win a dramatic 5-4 victory away from their land after they were late in The score is 0-3. On October 30, 2012, Ronaldinho faced Gremio in an expected meeting, and of course the latter’s fans did not have mercy on their former player and booed him whenever he touched the ball.

But the player decided at the end of the season to rescind his contract and file a lawsuit against his club, claiming that he had not received his financial dues for 4 months.

7. Glory with Atlético Mineiro:

It did not last long until Ronaldinho contracted with Atletico Mineiro, the media had already learned about this deal after one of the paid channels broadcast pictures of the player training with the Brazilian team by helicopter flying over the sports training center. What is surprising is that the player will receive about 116,000 euros per month, a quarter of what he received in Flamengo.

In his first season, Ronaldinho still has some good skills, he managed to lead his team to occupy second place in the Brazilian League, which means they qualified for the Copa Libertadores, and during this competition the magician scored 4 goals and provided 7 assists that contributed to Atlético Mineiro winning for the first time with the most expensive Titles in Latin America, a title that will make the club participate in the 2013 Club World Cup in Morocco, but they lost in the semi-finals against Raja Sport 1-3, and despite this, the Moroccan team’s players rushed to the wardrobes to take souvenir photos with their childhood idol.

8. A Short Trip In Mexico:

In July 2014, Ronaldinho and his team reached an amicable termination of the contract, and since he became a free player, an offer was made to him from an Indian team called Basenstock Town, an offer that the player rejected and eventually decided to sign for the Mexican club Queretaro for two years wearing the number 49 shirt in reference to the year of his birth his mom.

The football magician did not do much for the club, but he stated at the end of his career in Mexico that he thanks the Mexican nation for the days he lived with them, especially after the applause of the Club America fans for him, which made him cry because of this great love that surrounded him.

“The Mexican people will be in my heart forever, they are very special people, you made me proud to play in this country where I feel at home.”

Ronaldinho Career Statistics:

Club Career Record:

1998–2001 Grêmio 8947
2001–2003 Paris Saint-Germain5517
2003–2008 Barcelona 14570
2008–2011 AC Milan 7620
2011–2012 Flamengo 5623
2012–2014 Atlético Mineiro 5820
2015 Fluminense 70
Total 511205

National Career Record:

Years Matches Goals
1997 Brazil U1133
1998–1999 Brazil U20 178
1999–2008 Brazil U23 2718
1999–2013 Brazil 9733

9. Ronaldinho’s Retirement:

On July 11, 2015, Ronaldinho returned to his homeland and announced a contract with Fluminense for a year and a half, but only two months passed from the contract, in which he played 9 matches, and he terminated his contract because he was ashamed of his deteriorating level, as he believed that he would not provide the desired addition from him, a decision was met With respect from the club president and they agreed to it without any problems.

During the period from 2016 to 2018, Ronaldinho practiced futsal football in India along with a number of football legends such as Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, Crespo and Michele Salgado, and on January 16, 2018, his brother and agent Roberto officially announced the retirement of his brother after two years He did not sign any professional contract with them, the end of a career that was not accompanied by a fuss like the one he was accustomed to in his life.

Ronaldinho’s Career With the Brazilian National Team:

From Top To Top:

As we mentioned earlier, Ronaldinho played in various age groups for the Brazilian national team, and his first appearance with the first team was on June 26, 1999, a few days before the launch of the Copa America, which the Seleção won, Rooney did not do much and only scored one goal. . But after the tournament ended, the Brazilian national team participated in the Confederations World Cup. It is true that they lost the tournament in the final against Mexico 3-4, but Ronaldinho was crowned the best player in the tournament, he scored in every game he played, including a hat-trick against the Saudi team (2-8). .

With his brilliance with Gremio and then his move to Paris Saint-Germain and the emergence of his talent in the next two seasons, Ronaldinho found an easy place for himself in the squad for the 2002 World Cup in South Korea and Japan. He will be a terrifying attacking unit with the phenomenon Ronaldo and Rivaldo.

Gaucho participated in 5 matches, scored 2 goals and provided 3 assists, and his most prominent match in the World Cup came against England in the quarter-finals. With Brazil behind in the score 0-1, Ronaldinho overturned the course of the meeting when he penetrated the defenses of the Three Lions and provided a pass on the A plate of gold for Rivaldo, the unerring leftist. At the beginning of the second half, the Brazilian magician scored a free kick from 40 yards away, mistaking goalkeeper David Seaman, who did not expect the ball to be played in that deceptive way.

But the unthinkable happened and the player was expelled controversially after obstructing one of the English players, to be stopped in the semi-final match against Turkey, which Brazil narrowly beat 0-1, before returning to participate in the Grand Final against Germany, where the phenomenon Ronaldo scored two goals awarded Their country holds the fifth title in the World Cup.

2005 Confederations Cup Title And 2006 World Cup Disappointment:

After Brazil’s miserable failure in the 2003 Confederations Cup, coach Carlos Alberto Pereira decided to rest most of the Brazilian stars in the Copa America 2004 in anticipation of the upcoming tournaments. Ronaldinho is the captain of the national team and led them to the cup crown, to have achieved three major international titles.

In the 2006 World Cup, Ronaldinho received many criticisms because of his poor performance, which was far from what he did all season with Barcelona. The best player in the world at the time may have been a victim of the position he played in. He participated as a playmaker and not on the left side, in addition to his defensive duties, which limited the His danger, and despite his return to his favorite position against France in the quarter-final match, Brazil bid farewell to the title by losing 1-0 after a remarkable performance by Zinedine Zidane.

This harsh defeat did not prevent the player from practicing his favorite habit, so he returned one day to the city of Barcelona and held a noisy party, which exacerbated the feelings of the Brazilians who believed that they had been betrayed by their favorite player who did not make a great effort during the finals and only contributed to a pass decisive one.

Ronaldinho Is Outside The Coaches’ Cccounts:

On March 24, 2007, Ronaldinho ended his series of goal fasting with Brazil for nearly two years and scored two goals in a 4-0 victory over Chile. In the Summer Olympics in Beijing, despite the objection of his team Barcelona first because of the important commitments to the European Champions League, except that he participated in the end, a tournament during which Samba won the bronze medal.

With the 2010 World Cup approaching, and although Ronaldinho was among the initial list of coach Dunga, he was eventually dispensed with, along with a large number of other stars, and this was interpreted by the critics as the beginning of the collapse of the generation of the classic Brazilian playing style, and the team withdrew From the quarter-final against the Netherlands 1-2.

Ru Gaucho will return to the squad a few months after the World Cup and play a friendly match against Argentina in Doha (0-1 loss), then participated in another match in 2011 against Ghana and did not score in the 1-0 win, but scored a direct foul in the victory over Mexico 2-1.

And his good performance continued and he was called up to play the 100th match in the Seleção shirt on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the Brazilian Football Confederation, and he had the opportunity to score a goal against England from a penalty kick that goalkeeper Joe Hatt saved, after which they lost 1-2.

Record Ronaldinho, another goal has national jerseys against Bolivia in a 4-0 win, but the last game was played on June 2013 against the team 4 Chile. And despite the appointment of his former coach Felipe Scolari at the helm of the national team, he ignored him during the 2013 Confederations Cup and the 2014 World Cup, which the magician wanted to participate in because she played in Brazil.

Ronaldinho Skills And Playing Style:

Ronaldinho is considered one of the greatest players of his generation and in the history of football in general. Creativity, speed and skill are the main technical characteristics of the Brazilian magician. He has a great ability to play in many attacking places. Although his main position is on the left wing, we watched him play As a classic No. 10 game maker.

His multiple uses in fixed kicks, he was able to hit the ball hard and bend it over the wall or even under it, and this made him one of the most prolific strikers in direct offenses of all times, and he greatly affected the Argentine Lionel Messi, who confirmed himself that he condemns Big thanks to the samba legend for this feature.

Defenders were unable to anticipate what Ronaldinho would do with the ball because of his speed, acceleration, parallelism, and ability to invent new gestures every time he wanted to overtake someone, creating confusion between opponents and coaches alike. He is even strong in physical contact and high pressure situations. And most of his performances will end by scoring goals or making them for his teammates.

“Practically, Ronaldinho cannot be stopped when he is at his best, whether as a striker or as a playmaker.”
Sergio Ramos

Critics have praised Ronaldinho throughout his career and has long been described as a genius and praised for his rare talent, but he was often criticized for his lack of discipline in exercises, in addition to his careless lifestyle that had an impact on his football life and made his acute period of brilliance somewhat short Because of all the capabilities it has.


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