The 20 Richest Male Singers In The World 2022

Richest Male Singers In The World 2022: Sold-out tours, millions of records sold and a life of luxury are the attributes that are ascribed to famous singers. But who are the richest singers of all time?

Richest Male Singers In The World 2022

Here are the top 20.

20: Don Henley:


Made famous with the Eagles and songs like “Hotel California”, Don Henley’s fortune is now close to $ 200 million. The singer has also had a successful solo career since the 1980s. After a 15-year hiatus, he had a brilliant comeback in 2015. The singer is strongly committed to environmental protection.

He has cleverly invested his income from record sales and tours in stocks and real estate, which secures him a place in the top 20 richest singers in the world.

19: Master P:


In 1990 the rapper invested 10,000 inherited dollars in founding his own label, with which he then released his first solo album “ The Ghettos Tryin ‘to Kill Me!“Brought out. Commercial success quickly set in. The rapper presented himself as a street boy who had gotten rich and heralded a new era in his scene, which was previously characterized by mafia-like self-glorification. Like few others in the music industry, he has consistently built up his own empire with various pillars right from the start.

These include various rap labels, a fashion line, a consulting company, a travel agency, a film production company and a company for video games. In the meantime, threatened with bankruptcy again and again, he got himself up again and again. Master P’s total account balance is $ 200 million.

18: Ozzy Osbourne:


Ozzy Osbourne became known as the lead singer of the hard rock band Black Sabbath. The band split from Osbourne in 1979 due to massive drug problems. In the 1980s he toured successfully with his own formation and made a name for himself by biting off the head of pigeons and a bat on stage.

The singer is still a fixture in the industry today. But he also earned his $ 220 million fortune from a genre of reality TV he created himself. “The Osbournes” ran from 2002 to 2005 and provided viewers with all the details of family life.

17: Eminem:


Again a rapper made it into the category “The richest singers of all time”. The rapper’s private fortune is likely to amount to $ 230 million. That said, Eminem’s revenue was just under $ 40 million a year. The Grammy Prize winner, who repeatedly attracted attention with drug problems and texts that glorify violence, has invested his money wisely in several companies.

This includes a film production as well as record companies, a fashion label and a company for video games. The singer has also published two books (” The Way I Am: The Autobiography * ” and ” White Wut – Angry Blonde * “).

16: Rod Stewart:


Rod Stewart actually wanted to be a soccer player, he has been on stage as a singer since 1996. Over the years, Rod Stewart’s earnings have risen to $ 240 million. His super hit “ Sailing * ” was in the German charts for 17 weeks in 1975. After suffering from cancer in 1999 he had to learn to sing again, but in 2002 he was back on stage with jazz standards.

Rod Stewart, who has eight children by five different women, once joked that if he had any more children he would have to be on stage until his 90th birthday. In fact, his touring income, along with the income from album sales, is a large part of his net worth.

15: Phil Collins:


Even three divorces, each of which resulted in billions of dollars in payments, didn’t hurt Phil Collins’ total fortune. The drummer and singer of the group Genesis, who has also had a remarkable solo career, has an account balance of around $ 260 million.

In 2011 he announced that he would retire from the music business for health reasons, but has been back on stage since 2016. In his 40-year career, Collins has sold 100 million records, including such hits as “ In the Air Tonight”. In the USA alone, 13 of his songs were placed in the top ten between 1984 and 1990. He bought his Florida property in 2015 for around $ 33 million.

14: Russell Simmons:


In thirteenth place is Russell Simmons, the next hip-hop entrepreneur. In the mid-1980s, Simmons founded the “Def Jam Records” label with Rick Rubin, thereby laying the foundation for modern rap music marketing.

With genre greats like LL Cool J or the Beastie Boys, Simmons helped today’s rap legends to break through and is therefore one of the most important figures in the scene. With a fortune of around 340 million US dollars, however, Simmons clearly missed the podium. The most successful rappers in the world have almost 660 million more in their accounts.

13: Mick Jagger:


Mick Jagger became famous as the front man of the Rolling Stones and owns around $ 360 million. Since 1985 he has also released solo albums or worked with other artists such as Tina Turner and David Bowie.

In between, Jagger made flying visits to the film business, both as an actor and as a producer. His fortune is largely made up of his earnings as a member of the Rolling Stones and as a solo singer. The Stones’ A Bigger Bang tour in 2007 alone grossed half a billion dollars. Like his famous fellow British musicians Paul McCartney and Elton John, Jagger was knighted in 2003.

12: Justin Bieber:


It is safe to say that Justin Bieber is not just a singer/entertainer, but a phenomenon of our time. The younger generation in particular adores the artist, who is a prime example of how one can overcome the impossible with the help of social platforms and networks.

While more mature semesters generally only have mockery and mockery left for Bieber, all doubters should get a laugh in their throats at the latest when they look at the singer’s account balance. Because the young native Canadian is undoubtedly one of the absolute best earners in his industry and is not only breaking records in terms of viewer numbers and subscribers on the Internet video platform YouTube. Justin Bieber’s total net worth is estimated at around $380 million. This means that his income secures him an entry in the Forbes magazine of the 30 richest under 30 years of age.

11: Sting:


Sting, whose real name is Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, comes from a working-class family, but has sold over 100 million albums with The Police and as a solo artist. That catapulted him into the top ten richest musicians in England. With a net worth of $ 400 million from record sales and touring, he hit the headlines in 2014.

Sting announced that he only wanted to bequeath a fraction of this fortune to his six children, as he feared that money would prevent their chances in life. As he told Rolling Stone magazine, he doesn’t think there’s much left in the end anyway. Sting employs over 100 people, so you have your obligations.

10: Jon Bon Jovi:


Jon Bon Jovi is worth around $ 410 million. He came to fame in the 1980s as the lead singer of the hard rock band Bon Jovi. The band’s albums went platinum several times. He paused with the band to focus on his solo career. With the super hit “It’s My Life”, Bon Jovi returned to the top international squad in 2000.

Jon Bon Jovi has composed film scores and also worked as an actor in various films between 1990 and 2011. The artist earns an average of $ 80 million a year from record royalties and performances. His home in New Jersey is worth $ 22 million alone.

09: Coldplay:


With the band Coldplay with Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion and Guy Berryman there are four singers among the richest singers of all time. The troupe met in London in the 1990s at college and produced an LP for demo purposes in 1998. A year later they signed with the Parlophone label, where they are still under contract today. The first album “Parachutes” was the commercial breakthrough and won a Grammy in 2001.

Christ Martin is even richer than the rest of his bandmates as he was married to millionaire actress Gwenyth Paltrow from 2003 to 2016. Coldplay’s income comes from sales of albums and fees. The band is socially committed and has supported the development aid organization Oxfam for years.

08: Bruce Springsteen:


The veteran Bruce Springsteen has been on stage since 1965. First active in various bands, he was able to get a deal with Columbia Records in 1972, not least because of his talent as a songwriter , and thus lay the foundation of his capital of 500 million dollars. His most famous hits are “Born To Run”, “Born in the USA”Or“ High Hopes ”among many others. He was nominated for a Grammy 49 times and received it 20 times. His unmistakable style is fed by folk, blues, country and of course rock ‘n’ roll. In his texts he often documents everyday American life, but never takes a political stance.

In addition to the income from songs and albums, Bruce Springsteen is really big when it comes to selling tickets for his tours. His 2017 tour of Australia alone is said to have brought another $ 50 million into his account.

07: Elton John:


British singer , songwriter, pianist and composer Elton John’s net worth is estimated at nearly $ 500 million. This also makes Sir, who has also been knighted, the second richest British artist after Paul McCartney.

Elton John has sold 250 million albums in the four decades of his career. Between 1970 and 1982 he placed 30 different titles in the international charts, was awarded six Grammys, the Golden Globe and other prizes. In 2011 he founded the “Rocket Music Entertainment Group”, with which he markets himself and other artists. Sir Elton John could be richer, but more important to him is to donate several million a year to charity.

06: Jimmy Buffett:


The US country singer Jimmy Buffett is worth about $ 600 million. In the mid-1970s he had his breakthrough and he was able to place himself in the charts several times. Since the 1980s he turned to mainstream rock, but could not build on earlier successes. In 2003 he was back at number one on the country charts, his 39th album “License to Chill” made it into the pop charts a year later.

The singer has a solid fan base and achieved total sales of $ 215 million from his tours from 2000 to 2009 alone. He owns the Margaritaville restaurant chain. In addition, Buffet is also making a name for himself as a writer who came first on the Times’ best list for both novels and non-fiction.

05: Emilio Estefan:


The singer “Emilio Estefan” has won 19 Grammys in his career. In addition to his work as a singer, he is also a music producer, actor and businessman. His wife is the also very rich singer Gloria Estefan. The clever businessman invested his income from CD sales and tours in a few restaurants and opened two hotels.

In 2009 he and his wife bought shares in the NFL team “Miami Dolphins”. In 2015 the “power couple” received the highest national award in the USA, the “Presidential Medal of Freedom” presented by President Barack Obama.

04: Dr. Dre:


Dr. Dre may not be the front runner among the world’s richest singers, but he is one of the richest rappers of all time with a fortune of $ 820 million. He started out as a DJ in the mid-1980s and began doing electro hip-hop with WCWC. In 1986 he founded the NW: A project with Ice Cube and the petty criminal Eazy-E, in which the hard life on the street and in the gangs was taken up. The second album “ Straight Outta Compton * ” sold 25 million copies, and investigations by the FBI against NWA also contributed to the sales success. In 1992 the first solo album Dr. Dres, which went platinum in the States.

In addition to his musical talent, Dr. Dre have a business sense. In 2001, he made $ 52 million from the sale of his stake in the production company Aftermath. In 2005 he founded Beats Electronic. The company mainly produces the Beats by Dr. Dre. In 2011, the Taiwanese electronics group HTC acquired around 50% of the shares, but sold 25% of that back to Dr. Dre back. In 2014 Apple took over the company for 3.2 billion US dollars, Dr. Dre is said to have made $ 500 million from the sale.

03: Sean Combs aka Puff Daddy:


Sean Combs grew up in New York City and initially studied business administration, which explains his business sense, which made him a fortune of $ 885 million. By 2006 he released highly successful albums under various artist names. In 2008, he became the first male rapper to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Time magazine named him one of the 100 most influential people.

In 2010 he brought together the most successful rappers to form a supergroup and appeared in various TV series and films at the same time. In 1998 he founded his own fashion label Sean John. In 2004 the Council of Fashion Designers of America named him the best designer in men’s fashion. The label has also been producing women’s fashion since 2016. He made further investments in two restaurants,

02: Jay Z:


With Jay Z, another rapper made it into the list of “The richest singers of all time”. Today he has an income of $ 1 billion. His career had teething problems at the beginning. Initially unsuccessful as a singer, he founded Roc-a-Fella-Records and his second solo album ” In My Lifetime, Vol. 1 *“In 1997 it was able to establish itself at number three on the US charts. This laid the foundation for his financial success, which he built on in the years that followed.

In 2007 Forbes magazine reported that Jay Z was the top earner in rap with an estimated annual income of $ 36 million. He has also made a name for himself as an entrepreneur who has invested in a wide variety of industries from manufacturing companies to sports teams, real estate, fashion labels and beverages. His 40/40 Club Sports Bar now has branches in 20 US airports. He has been promoting top athletes with his own agency since 2013 and invested $ 200 million in a champagne brand in the same year.

01: Paul McCartney:


The ex-Beatle has been leading the category “The richest singers in the world” for years. His net worth was estimated at $ 1 billion in 2018, and McCartney earned another $ 24 million in 2019. The singer and multi-instrumentalist started an unprecedented world career in the 1960s with John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison as “The Beatles”. With more than 600 million records sold, the four from Liverpool are the most commercially successful band in music history.

Even after the group broke up in 1970, Paul McCartney continued on the road to success. The balance of his artistic work is 60 gold records and 100 million albums sold. The Guinness Book of Records lists him as “the most successful composer and recording artist of all time”. In 1999 he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for his performance as a solo artist. His immense fortune, with which the ex-Beatle even competes with Jay-Z, is fed by a mix of album income and royalties as a songwriter.

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