The 20 Best Action Series on Netflix

Best Action Series on Netflix

Action Series on Netflix: Are you looking for breathtaking excitement? Do you want to forget the world around you and be pressed into your sofa with excitement? Then you shouldn’t miss out on these 20 action series on Netflix.

Best Action Series on Netflix

1. Altered Carbon – The Immortality Program:

In the future, death is not the end. People can store their consciousness in so-called “Stags” and upload them to new bodies, also called “Sleeves”. Criminals, on the other hand, are put on hold in their stages for an indefinite period of time

After 250 years in prison, the elite soldier Takeshi Kovacs (Joel Kinnaman) is transferred to a new sleeve. He is supposed to solve the attempted murder of a wealthy man. In the process, Kovacs gets deeper and deeper into a plot that seems to be directly linked to his past.
With Altered Carbon, the harmony is right between a dark story, a futuristic sci-fi world and gripping action scenes. The first episode grabs you and won’t let you go until the end!

2. Marvel’s Daredevil:

Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) has been blind since his youth. But that doesn’t prevent him from opening a small law firm with his best friend Foggy Nelson (Elden Henson). It’s not enough for a great career, but the two young lawyers keep their heads above water. When they take on the case of a distraught woman accused of murder, the tide quickly changes.

Where the law fails, Matt Murdock takes action himself. Because even though he is blind, he has secretly completed years of training that has hardened his body and senses. That’s why Matt can go hunting for criminals in the costume of a fearsome avenger.
Marvel’s Daredevil shines through tough battle sequences and great characters embodied. Among other things, the big man in the background, Wilson Fisk, is played by Vincent D’Onofrio, for whom the role of the ice-cold head villain seems literally written on the body.

3. The Americans:

The Jennings couple lead the lives of picture-perfect Americans. They have their little house with a garden and a white fence. They both work in nondescript middle-class jobs and plan their free time with their children. Everything seems completely normal.

But behind the facade are the Jennings spies of the Russian KGB. They were smuggled into the United States in the 1960s and are supposed to infiltrate the system in order to track down the weaknesses of the American defense. The Jennings mission threatens to overturn. On the one hand, a new neighbor moves in next to them, who works in the FBI’s counter-espionage department. On the other hand, Philipp Jennings developed an interest in the American lifestyle and questions his activities more and more.

The escalating conflict between the mission of the spies and the maintenance of their sham existence is just as exciting as the action scenes, which are tough and ice cold. This makes The Americans a perfect program for friends of espionage thrillers.

4. The Witcher:

The witcher Gerald von Riva (Henry Cavill) is known as a monster hunter. For the tinkling of a coin he kills almost anything and everyone. But because he saved the life of a queen in the past, he created a fateful alliance. Before he knows it, Gerald becomes a pawn in a dark war. He doesn’t just have to raise his sword against monsters and ghosts. Because cunning magicians have concluded an unholy alliance with the kingdom of Nilfgaard. They want to subjugate the entire continent to fulfill a dire prophecy.

The series follows the well-known Polish “Witcher” book series and the computer games of the same name. Even if the story seems a bit chaotic at first, it quickly captivates you and entangles you in its threads of spells, monsters, and a gloomy forecast.

5. Kingdom:

Horror from the Far East – “Kingdom” revolves around the fate of Crown Prince Chang. After hearing rumors that his father has passed away, Chang goes to the palace to look for clues. He does not come across a corpse, but finds evidence of strange medical practices that a doctor is said to have carried out in a distant village. Chang leaves to find the doctor. But in his worst nightmares he couldn’t imagine what he would find.

The dead come to life again through some dark spell and hunt the living. Although Chang belongs to the court nobility, he still decides to stand up against the approaching undead in order to protect the kingdom.
“Kingdom” mixes horror and action with Far Eastern culture. The mix is ​​unique and is reminiscent of epic Kung Fu films, which makes the series a real insider tip.

6. Vikings:

“Vikings” tells of the departure of the Vikings. Ragnar Lodbrok (Travis Fimmel) lives secluded with his wife Lagertha on his own estate. Not satisfied with the decisions made by their leader, the Viking Jarl, Ragnar secretly sails to England with a small group to rob and loot there.

When Ragnar successfully returns from his raid, an argument breaks out. The Jarl claims all of the booty. Ragnar decides to challenge the chief in a bloody battle for power to lead the Vikings into a new age.
“Vikings” makes use of many historical figures, but also uses Nordic mythology to tell the story of the Vikings in a bloody and ruthless way. Exciting from the first minute!

7. Gotham:

Before Bruce Wayne became Batman, he was just a scared little boy who grew up in a dark, corrupt city after his parents passed away. His life might have been different if the cop Jim Gordon (played by Ben McKenzie) had not been transferred to Gotham. Although his partner Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) advises him to go with the flow, Gordon aims to clean up Gotham. But there is also boiling in the underworld. New villains are making a name for themselves in the city and striving to overthrow the old-established gang bosses from their throne. The city is a cauldron that could explode at any moment.

“Gotham” convinces with the characters you may already know from the “Batman” comics. Exciting origin stories are mixed with a dark charm and the unique atmosphere captivates you directly.

8. Narcos:

Pablo Escobar hit the jackpot in the 1970s. The Colombian can make a handsome fortune by cultivating and smuggling cocaine and marijuana. But not everyone likes that. While other cartels are trying to kill Escobar, the Colombian authorities are doing all they can to crush Escobar’s organization.

The struggle is so drastic that it is easy to think that a war has broken out in Colombia. Neither side has scruples and everyone wants to gain sole power.
“Narcos” is tough, ruthless and is partly based on real events from the life and rise of Pablo Escobar.

9. The Walking Dead:

An unknown catastrophe has unforeseen consequences. When Sheriff Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) wakes up from an accidental coma, he finds that the hospital has been abandoned. People don’t seem to be alive anymore. And the ones Rick finds have become zombies. On his escape, the cop meets other survivors and teams up with them.

The survivors have only one goal: to survive the apocalypse. But they have to learn very quickly that the zombies are not the greatest danger. Because many other groups of survivors are also keen to kill Rick and his friends.
“The Walking Dead” is one of the most successful horror series of all time . The dark atmosphere, the nightmare of the zombie hordes and the human conflicts are simply incomparable.

10. From Dusk Till Dawn:

The series “From Dusk Till Dawn” follows the film of the same name by Robert Rodriguez. The gecko brothers Seth and Richard are on the run from the police. They have made a name for themselves as well-known bank robbers and violent criminals. Richard, who is driven by imaginations, is particularly prone to excesses of violence.

When they take a priest and his children hostage on their way to Mexico, the geckos decide to hide for a while in a strip club across the border. But even if the scantily clad women are nice to look at, the small group quickly realizes that things are not going well. Because women are thirsty – for human blood! Before the geckos know it, they are in the middle of a battle against vampires and other demons.
The series adaptation is not only a real recommendation for fans of the film. The black humor and the relentless action form a perfect mix for a leisurely pastime in between.

11. Spartacus:

Spartacus (Andy Whitefield) fought for the Romans against the barbarians. But suddenly the soldiers turn against him and put the fighter himself in chains. He is presented to the pack in an arena in Capula and is supposed to die fighting against experienced gladiators. When Spartacus survives the fight, he wins the audience’s favor. He sees an opportunity for his freedom. The warrior has to assert himself in ever new, bloodier battles if he is to retain the audience’s goodwill. Spartacus plans revenge on those responsible for his captivity.

“Spartacus” is not for the faint of heart. Bloody battles with high-resolution effects are on the program and each battle is more gripping than the next.

12. Scorpion:

Walter is a genius. Because of his high IQ, he is recruited by Homeland Security. Walter and a team of talented young people are supposed to carry out risk analyzes for the government and help them solve complex challenges.

The series is loosely based on the life of Walter O’Brien, who is not only CEO of Scorpion Computer Services, but also has the fourth highest IQ in the world. In the 1970s, O’Brien helped the government as a technical consultant and, as a producer, incorporated his experience into the development of the series, which impresses with a lot of wit, humor and breakneck action.

13. Faction:

Beings walk among people who are more than what their appearance suggests. Because vampires, werewolves and other creatures have learned to camouflage themselves like humans in order to be able to act in secret.

The married couple Fred and Deloris Allen have made it their calling to track down the creatures in the name of the Presidio organization and to render them harmless. The two monster hunters have to act in the shadow of the darkness because their two children do not know what their parents are up to in their free time.
Dark scenes and a creepy monster design make “October Faction” highly recommended not only for fans of well-groomed horror. Even the stylized action scenes are tough and leave you breathless.

14. The Umbrella Academy:

On October 1, 1989, a mysterious event triggered spontaneous births in 43 women. The children have special skills that the billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves wants to use for himself. So far, however, he has only been able to find seven children and recruit them for his Umbrella Academy.

The academy serves as a kind of training center that aims to help young people understand their strengths and use them in a targeted manner. But the students are also preparing for a war that is beyond human understanding.
Thanks to its black humor and brilliant effects, The Umbrella Academy is the perfect break from the dreary everyday life and offers plenty of space to laugh and cheer.

15. Wyonna Earp:

Wyoanna has a difficult lot. As the great-great-granddaughter of the legendary gunslinger Wyatt Earps, she is known like a sore thumb in her hometown of Purgetory. However, the young woman did not expect that criminals from the wild west would suddenly walk back on earth as revenants and want Wyonna to the leather.

Thanks to her ancestor’s weapon, the young Earp is able to take up the fight against evil. Little does she suspect which evil forces are holding the strings in the background to conjure up the downfall of humanity.
Even if it looks like a mixture of “Buffy – The Vampire Slayer” and “Supernatural”, “Wyonna Earp” has its very own charm and loosens up the monster battles again and again with wit and humor.

16. Van Helsing:

Humanity is on the brink. Vampires have conquered the world and are mercilessly hunting down the last living creatures. In the midst of this chaos, young Vanessa wakes up from a coma in which she has been lying for three years. As a descendant of the vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsings, she takes on her family inheritance and fights against the undead bloodsuckers.

The Canadian production rolls up the fight against vampires in a completely new way and transports it into modern times. The series offers many references to the original vampire story and mixes classic action television with dark horror visions.

17. Frontier:

Declan Harp (Jason Momoa) has only one thing in mind: revenge for the crimes that English soldiers have committed to his family. As a fur trader, the Declan managed to create a life and make a name for himself. But business is tough because Americans, French and Scots also want to earn a golden nose with furs. But Declan does not allow himself to be dissuaded from his plan. He wants to get to the head of the Hudson’s Bay Company through the fur trade in order to put a painful end to him and the English soldiers.

“Frontier” is based on the life of Declan Harp and depicts the tough battle of the fur traders in the 18th century. Not only the icy expanses of Canada will make your blood run cold at the mere sight of it.

18. Marvel’s Luke Cage:

A sabotaged experiment gives Luke Cage a strength that surpasses any human being. At the same time, his skin becomes impenetrable. Luke decides to use his new powers for good. In the poor Harlem neighborhood in New York, Luke clears up the local gangs. But Luke is also repeatedly confronted with his own past, which has got him into trouble more than once.

“Marvel’s Luke Cage” is the perfect program for a relaxed evening of action if you are a fan of Marvel and want to see a series hero who does not rely on weird outfits, but could be just a normal everyone. Humorous and charismatic!

19. Queen of the South:

Teresa built a life for herself with her boyfriend in Mexico. While she is the simple housewife, her loved one earns the income as a drug courier. But one day her boyfriend is murdered and Teressa has to flee across the borders to America. She is hot on the heels of big drug lords who want to get rid of Teresa as well.

Instead of hiding, the young woman gets into the drug scene herself. As a drug smuggler, she wants to slowly work her way up the hierarchy to meet the men in power. Because there is only one thing in Teresa: the desire for revenge!
“Queen of the South” thrives on a strong plot and doesn’t mince words. With crisp action and a good atmosphere, the story tells a story of revenge that is second to none.

20. Breaking Bad:

High school teacher Walter White (Bryan Cranston) has a problem. He learns that he has cancer and that his treatment would require a lot more money than his salary can afford. That is why Walter decides to take an unusual path.

Together with the dealer Jesse (Aaron Paul), Walter wants to cook meth and sell it. The very first deal threatens to burst when the buyers try to rip him off. But Walter has nothing to lose and doesn’t let anyone or anything stop him from putting his plan into action.
“Breaking Bad” is fast, ruthless and aloof. Weird characters and an unusual action setting make this series a real experience.


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