Superhero Series on Netflix: The 18 Best Series from Marvel, DC & Co

Superhero Series on Netflix

Superhero Series on Netflix: Who doesn’t want to have superpowers every now and then? Sometimes it would be really handy to be super powerful, super fast, or super smart. Even if spider bites and the like unfortunately lead to itching rather than to Peter Parker’s abilities in normal people, we can still dream a little. 

Superhero Series on Netflix:

We have selected 18 of our favorite Superhero series on Netflix with which you can at least put yourself in the shoes of Superman or Supergirl.

1. Gotham:

Jim Gordon was – unjustifiably – only the sidekick of Batman. In “Gotham” a series of his own is finally dedicated to him and above all to the city itself. While watching, you follow the future commissioner on his way up and watch him desperately try to put a stop to the increasing corruption and crime.

A city as the protagonist of a superhero series? Absolutely! If you’ve always wanted to know how Gotham became the juggernaut it was in Batman’s time, then this is the place to look.

2. Supergirl:

If you’ve had enough of exclusively male or dark superheroes, Supergirl is the place for you. The series about Superman’s cousin is a bit lighter in tone and is perfect to watch with friends. It shows both the everyday life of Kara Denvers as assistant to the editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet newspaper, including job worries and love problems, as well as her path to becoming a real superhero.

Simply switch on, have fun and relax: no problem with Supergirl. The series is exciting, funny and simply entertaining. Just the thing after a stressful day.

3. The Umbrella Academy:

This comic book adaptation is all about a group of seven teenagers who are born under mysterious circumstances and who are trained as superheroes by billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves in his “Umbrella Academy”. After one of them disappears without a trace and one dies, the young people become alienated, but have to pull themselves together again after the death of their adoptive father. The warning of the approaching apocalypse, which you can only prevent as a team, increases the pressure on the family reunion even more.

Mysterious, absurd and surprising on every corner – Umbrella Academy, as a Netflix in-house production, is definitely different from Marvel’s and DC’s formulas for success.

4. Marvel’s Jessica Jones:

Jessica Jones can bend steel with her hands and jump over abysses with ease. Nevertheless, she no longer wants to be a superhero. Instead, she runs a run-down detective agency in New York and is barely staying afloat. That goes well until her past catches up with her in the form of the villain Kilgrave.

Jessica swears, drinks, is in a bad mood and has problems – so she is more of an anti-hero than a superhero. Nevertheless, she remains “one of the good guys” and with her as the protagonist, the series offers a nice change from classic superhero series.

5. Titans:

Since 2018 we TV junkies have been able to enjoy the series “Titans”. The DC production insists on touching the various creative areas of well-known heroes. So we get to see Batman’s sidekick Robin, who has now distanced himself from his old companion. He is supported by the teenage girl Rachel Roth (Teagan Croft), who is not only plagued by mysterious visions, but also recently lost her mother.

“Titans” is characterized by an astonishing hardness that is relentlessly presented to the viewer. The creators of the DC show, however, do not draw a clumsy splatter picture, but simply show how brutal the often romanticized fight against evil can be.

6. Marvel’s The Defenders:

What’s better than four superhero series? Exactly, a series with four superheroes as a team! This is what Marvel thought and launched “The Defenders”. Arranged after the second season of Daredevil, the four heroes Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Daredevil and Iron Fist fight together against the super villain “The Hand”.

It’s especially fun to watch the dynamics between the different characters – especially between Jessica Jones and Daredevil. Lots of action and exciting twists also ensure that we couldn’t stop watching “The Defenders”.

7. I am not okay with This:

Especially when puberty strikes with all its changes, superpowers come at the most inopportune time. They make an already complicated time even more difficult. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happens to the teenage girl Sydney: she has to fight her way through school, deal with the death of her father, classify her romantic feelings for her best friend and at the same time hide her superpowers, which are now of all times. (Almost) normal teenage everyday life.

Anyone who liked “The End of the F *** ing World” will love this seven-part series penned by Charles S. Forsman, because “I am not okay with this” is both funny and sensitive.

8. Marvel’s Luke Cage:

If you have already seen our series, which is listed at number 5, you are also familiar with the character of “Luke Cage”. As in “Jessica Jones”, the hero is portrayed in his own show by US actor Mike Colter. The focus of the 26 episode series is the life of the eponymous title hero, who was endowed with supernatural powers including invulnerable skin through a failed experiment. Even so, Luke tries first to stay true to his old life and hide his new skills from his New York environment. After the hero’s best friend is finally killed, there is only one goal for Luke: to overthrow the head of the gang of criminals that took his friend’s life.

The unusual setting of the show, which mainly takes place in the notorious streets of Harlem, gives the series a dark, urban touch that is unrivaled in its uniqueness. The multi-layered villains, who clearly stand out in their character depth compared to the conventional, often superficial villains, turn “Luke Cage” into an enormously atmospheric series experience.

9. Young Justice:

Have you ever wondered how Robin and Co. were actually trained to support Batman, for example? The answer is “Young Justice”: In this animated series we find out what Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss Martian and Artemis have to learn in order to become full members of the Justice League one day. On the way there, however, a lot goes wrong and without the help of the “real” heroes it doesn’t work – the young heroes still do a great job, albeit on a somewhat smaller scale.

A real classic among the comic book adaptations and so loved by fans that they started a petition for a third season after the end of the series. If that’s not a quality label, we don’t know either.

10. Marvel’s Daredevil:

Let’s first take a short trip back in time to 2003: While Yvonne Catterfeld’s “Für Dich” is rattling up and down on the radio, we are looking forward to soon marveling at Ben Affleck in the role of Daredevil on the screen. About 100 minutes later we know that the film adaptation of the Stan Lee and Bill Everett comic is nothing more than a trivial failure.

Around 12 years later, Drew Goddard finally gave the blind superhero the stage the crime fighter had deserved for so long. The main character Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) has really chosen a full-time job, he also pays the villains during the day, but then in a lawyer robe and with the law book. Finally, at night, suits and ties are exchanged for suits and fistfighting.

As it should be for a show from the Marvel universe, we meet many familiar faces, which should bring enormous joy, especially to fans of the franchise.You can tell from the show that it was not produced under pressure. The result is a superhero series in which those involved can play freely, which in turn noticeably benefits the chemistry between the individual actors.

11. Power Rangers:

Seriously, did you expect us to make a list of the best superhero series without the Power Rangers? Of course not! For almost 30 years (!) The fighters in the colorful suits have been an absolute phenomenon and rightly so! There are now 20 different series with different settings, but all of them are as cheesy as they are great. No matter which one you choose, you can’t go wrong here. The most important question is: are you more into dinosaurs, samurais, ninjas or beast morphers?

Okay, the Power Rangers series always follow the same pattern, but that’s the charm of the series, isn’t it? So if you’re planning a relaxing weekend, lie down on the couch with a bag of chips and check out any series from this franchise. Good entertainment is guaranteed!

12. Black Lightning:

Jefferson Pierce, director of a New Orleans high school, is actually retired. Not in his day job, but in terms of his superhero work. As “Black Lightning” he has long protected the city of Mardi Gras and jazz from villains. He was able to lead a quiet life for 10 years, but now crime is increasing at an alarming rate. So he decides to get his spandex suit out of the closet and, with the help of his two daughters and his best friend, to restore law and order.

We particularly like several things about this series: New Orleans as the setting for the series is great and the idea of ​​getting a father out of his “superhero retirement” is really good. Be sure to give the series a look or two!

13. Wu Assassins:

Anyone who is a real superhero naturally also masters one or the other Asian martial arts – see Batman, Ironman and Co. But why is there actually no series about superhero martial artists? Don’t worry, there are of course “Wu Assassins”. Everything revolves around Kai Jin, a young chef in San Francisco’s Chinatown. He accidentally runs into the Chinese Mafia and discovers that he is the last of the Wu Assassins – a group of martial artists with special skills who are able to defeat the so-called Wu Warlords and rob them of their superhuman abilities.

“Wu Assassins” may not have the most surprising story, but it offers a lot of really good fight scenes with fantastic choreographies.

14. The Punisher:

Some characters from superhero series choose the path of a fighter for justice for personal and often tragic reasons. Batman is probably the best example of this, but many other heroes and heroines have also suffered losses from their friends, family and partners. This is also the case with Frank Castle, an ex-soldier who, after losing his family, roams the streets of New York as a “punisher”. On his way to take revenge for his wife and children, he leaves a bloody trail of devastation among the criminals of the Big Apple. No wonder that Matt Murdock aka Daredevil also gets involved.

Unfortunately, the series was discontinued after only two seasons, but it’s tough. The Punisher is a tortured, tragic man who lives only for his revenge. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether they are a hero while watching.

15. The Protector:

Did you play Assassin’s Creed or do you have a weakness for the oriental? If so, you will definitely like “The Protector” too. This Turkish series is set in Istanbul and accompanies the less than successful antique dealer Hakan. While he’s still modestly dreaming of a bigger store, he suddenly has to get used to the knowledge that he is the last protector. For centuries, these have protected Istanbul from the so-called immortals who are to blame for all kinds of epidemics, starvation and other disasters. With the help of the secret order of the “Faithful” Hakan learns to use his skills and the magical objects that he receives to support him.

Hakan’s hunt for the last of the immortals is exciting in itself, but watching it against the backdrop of colorful and mysterious Istanbul is even more fun. Definitely a slightly different superhero series with actors we haven’t seen enough of for a long time.

16. Iron Fist:

So far, only one person in human history has been able to rise from the dead. No wonder nobody believes Daniel Rand when he suddenly reappears in New York after several years. After his plane crashed over the Himalayas, everyone assumed that there was a high probability that he would not have survived. But wrongly thought, the martial artist is back and, inspired by Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Daredevil, he is also starting to pursue criminals as the hero “Iron Fist”.

Daniel Rand is actually a pretty normal guy: No superpowers, just skills that he has learned. That makes him likable for us and impresses us all the more when he can easily keep up with the superpowers of the other heroes.

17. One Punch Man:

If you haven’t had much to do with anime until now, but superhero series are exactly your thing, you should take a look at One Punch Man. The series was already an absolute hit as a manga and the animated film adaptation leaves nothing to be desired: For once, it’s not about a hero who has to work his way up, because Saitama is actually the most powerful superhero of all. He can defeat any opponent with just one hit.

However, nobody knows about it. It wasn’t until he joined the Hero Association that the world became aware of his skills – and these are urgently needed in view of the increasing crime rate!

This series hits … like a hit from Saitama! Anyway, we can’t wait for the third season!

18. Teen Titans Go!

In this comedy series, viewers follow the everyday life of the superheroes Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven and Cyborg. The highlight of it? All five are still teenagers and have to deal all day long not only with their feelings, but also with the bad guys in Jump City.

Teen Titans is messy, funny, and full of in-jokes about the DC Universe. Anyone who has always wanted to see how a superhero flat share works or what happens when Robin breaks the Batmobile should definitely tune in here.


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