The 20 Best Central Defenders In The World 2022/2023

Best Central Defenders In The World 2022

Best Central Defenders In The World 2022: It is not easy to create a ranking with the best central defenders in the world today, but we will try to be as accurate and objective as possible. The qualities of a good center-back are both tactical and technical aspects, concentration, personality, and leadership.

Best Central Defenders In The World 2022/2023

  • *Sergio Ramos has hardly had continuity and his physical condition prevents us from evaluating him among the candidates.
  • **Harry Maguire should not appear in any top 100 defenses.
  • ***We have taken into account the progression and growth factors that will occur this season. Players like Thiago Silva, Piqué or Mats Hummels have lost their place in this top 20 following this criterion.

A good team is always built from defense, and for this, it is essential to have the best in that position.

How Do we Rank the Best Central Defenders In The World 2022/2023?

To make a good ranking we will base ourselves on three criteria with different weights in the final result.

  • Defensive Tactic: 40%.
  • Technique: 30%.
  • Leadership: 30%.

Choose The Best Central Defender in the World

20. Eric Garcia

Eric García has arrived at FC Barcelona with the intention of earning a place in the starting eleven after not playing for the entire season at Manchester City. However, the young center-back has earned the confidence of Luis Enrique and was a starter for much of the EURO. In addition, he is currently part of the Olympic commission of the Spanish team for Tokyo 2022.

With a bright future ahead of us, we wanted to include you in this ranking in the hope that you will advance through the ranks quickly.

Eric Garcia Statistics In Euro:

  • Matches: 3
  • Clean sheets: 0
  • Interceptions P / P: 1.3
  • Inputs P / P: 0.3
  • P / P Clearances: 0.7
  • Touches: 102.7

19. Juan Foyth

Juan Foyth was one of the key pieces in Villarreal’s European success this season. The Argentine arrived on loan from Tottenham and, after a year to remember, was definitively signed by the yellow submarine this summer.

Therefore, with the projection already marked, Foyth has everything to continue showing his great level in LaLiga.

Juan Foyth Statistics In Europa League:

  • Games: 12
  • Clean sheets: 3
  • Interceptions P / P: 1.7
  • Inputs P / P: 3.1
  • Clearances P / P: 0.9
  • Touches: 62.6

18. Matthijs de Ligt

Matthijs de Ligt has not found his best version at Juventus. After that year in which he amazed Europe with his masterful season at Ajax, de Ligt was projected as the future best center-back in the world. However, after a lousy defensive year for Juventus, de Ligt has dramatically lowered his overall rating.

However, with a lot of future ahead of him, everything seems to indicate that de Ligt has the potential to reverse this situation and gradually return to his best version.

Matthijs Ligt Statistics In Series A:

  • Games: 27
  • Clean sheets: 3
  • Interceptions P / P: 1.1
  • Inputs P / P: 1.4
  • Clearances P / P: 2.4
  • Touches: 74.1

17. Thiago Silva

Thiago Silva arrived in London with the intention of improving Chelsea’s defensive back. In fact, his experience and his weight have exponentially improved a team that was able to lift the UEFA Champions League with a very important Thiago Silva.

Therefore, without a doubt, it deserves a mention in this ranking.

Thiago Silva Statistics Premier League:

  • Games: 23
  • Clean sheets: 10
  • Interceptions P / P: 1.4
  • Inputs P / P: 0.9
  • Clearances P / P: 3.6
  • Touches: 94.6

16. Alessandro Bastoni

Alessandro Bastoni is one of the great rising stars on the European scene. At 22, this Italian center-back became one of the great defensive references of Inter Milan, who managed to be crowned Serie A champion.

His statistics, currently, denote a great room for improvement that could push him to be one of the best in the future. Not surprisingly, he was part of the EURO champion Italian team.

Bastoni Statistics In Series A:

  • Games: 33
  • Clean sheets: 14
  • Interceptions P / P: 1.2
  • Inputs P / P: 1.1
  • Clearances P / P: 2.2
  • Touches: 79.2

15. Virgil Van Dijk

Virgil van Dijk is a defender who enters this list because it is impossible not to mention him in a list of the best center-backs in the world despite having lost practically the entire season. However, if he is strongly punished in this ranking after being the second place last year.

However, their presence here is explained as follows: Without Van Dijk, Liverpool was a defensive disaster. Which denoted, once again, the enormous importance of the Dutchman in the network as a whole. For this reason, now recovered, this will be the year in which he must once again show that he is still one of the best on the planet.

14. Cristian Romero

Cristian Romero is a center-back who has won integers with the Argentine team and Atalanta after a magnificent year at a superlative level.

This young defender, at 23 years old, is the undisputed holder of Gasperini’s scheme and, with the Argentine team, he played some brilliant minutes when he had the opportunity to play due to his injury.

Cristiano Romero Statistics In Series A:

  • Games: 31
  • Clean sheets: 7
  • Interceptions P / P: 3.1
  • Inputs P / P: 2.0
  • Clearances P / P: 2.2
  • Touches: 55.7

13. Giorgio Chiellini

Giorgio Chiellini is like a good wine, the older the wine, the higher the quality. The 36-year-old center-back played a Eurocup to remember and, with Juventus, he again played a year at a high level.

However, his presence in the ranking, above all, is due to his excellent participation in the tournament of European teams in which he was champion.

Giorgio Chiellini Statistics In EURO:

  • Matches: 5
  • Clean sheets: 1
  • Interceptions P / P: 1.8
  • Inputs P / P: 1.0
  • Clearances P / P: 4.0
  • Touches: 73.8

12. Sergio Ramos

Again, as in the case of Virgil van Dijk, we are faced with those obligatory mentions that can unleash some controversy. Sergio Ramos was our central chosen last year to lead the ranking. However, after a year in which the injuries did not leave the Sevillian in peace, he has fallen dramatically in the list.

This year in LaLiga he was only able to play 15 games in which he was never at a physically optimal level. For this reason, before their new challenge at PSG, they have in their hands to get up and return to the level of legend to which we are accustomed.

11. Gerard Pique

Gerard Piqué is another player who last year was in a much higher position than this opportunity. However, despite having played a fairly correct season, he was not at his best at key moments of the season.

In addition, due to his injuries, he has only been able to play 18 games in LaLiga.

Gerard Pique Statistics In Laliga:

  • Games: 18
  • Clean sheets: 3
  • Interceptions P / P: 1.4
  • Inputs P / P: 0.9
  • Clearances P / P: 2.5
  • Touches: 77.2

10. Milan Skriniar

Milan Škriniar has been at a very high level in Serie A for several years now . However, this year his defensive contribution has helped Inter to be crowned champions, has considerably increased their overall valuation and their European reputation.

For this reason, the Slovakian player is the one who opens the TOP 10 of the best center-backs in the world today.

Milan Skriniar Statistics In Series A:

  • Games: 32
  • Clean sheets: 12
  • Interceptions P / P: 0.9
  • Inputs P / P: 1.5
  • Clearances P / P: 2.7
  • Touches: 78.5

9. John Stones

John Stones is a player who has gone from being an eternal substitute at Manchester City to confirming himself as one of the best center-backs in the world when he paired with Rúben Dias.

This year, Stones has played an incredible Premier League that propels him to the top of the best 10 center-backs in the world. Not surprisingly, he has started with England in the EURO.

John Stones Statistics In Premier League:

  • Games: 22
  • Clean sheets: 14
  • Interceptions P / P: 0.8
  • Inputs P / P: 1.0
  • Clearances P / P: 2.5
  • Touches: 86.9

8. Pau Torres

Pau Torres has played a pretty good season under Unai Emery. In fact, the Spanish center-back has been a key player in the Yellow Submarine Europa League and has been one of those called up for EURO 2021 with Spain.

For this reason, currently, it can already be ranked as one of the best centrals in the world.

Pau Torres Statistics In Laliga:

  • Games : 33
  • Clean sheets: 10
  • Interceptions P / P: 0.7
  • Inputs P / P: 0.5
  • Clearances P / P: 3.3
  • Touches: 71.9

7. Raphael Varane

Raphael Varane is a player who has always performed at a fairly high level at Real Madrid. However, this season, without his partner Sergio Ramos, the Frenchman has suffered greatly throughout the course.

Which has led him to garner criticism that has prompted his signings for Manchester United.

Raphael Varane Statistics In Laliga:

  • Games: 31
  • Clean sheets: 12
  • Interceptions P / P: 1.2
  • Inputs P / P: 0.7
  • Clearances P / P: 3.5
  • Touches: 66.5

6. Eder Militao

Speaking of Real Madrid center- backs, Éder Militão has been one of the great surprises of the season due to the high level he demonstrated at the end of it.

Not in vain, currently, he has established himself as one of the best young center-backs in the world and has the potential to be the undisputed starter at Real Madrid alongside David Alaba.

Eder Militao Statistics In Laliga:

  • Games: 14
  • Clean sheets: 6
  • Interceptions P / P: 1.4
  • Inputs P / P: 1.4
  • Clearances P / P: 2.9
  • Touches: 67.4

5. Stefan Savic

Stefan Savić’s season at the 2020/2021 LaLiga champion Atlético de Madrid has been one of the best of his career on an individual level.

The Montenegrin center-back was the undisputed starter all season and, on a defensive level, he was an impenetrable wall. For this reason, it opens the top 5 of the best center-backs in the world.

Eric Garcia Statistics In The EURO:

  • Games: 33
  • Clean sheets: 16
  • Interceptions P / P: 1.3
  • Inputs P / P: 1.2
  • P / P Clearances: 3.1
  • Touches: 62.4

4. David Alaba

The brand new signing of Real Madrid, the Austrian David Alaba is, in our opinion, the fourth best center-back in the world today.

After Bayern’s magnificent collective year in which they dominated Europe, Alaba made a positional change that benefited him for the better, becoming one of the strongest centers on the continent.

David Alaba Statistics In Bundesliga:

  • Games: 32
  • Clean sheets: 7
  • Interceptions P / P: 1.3
  • Inputs P / P: 1.2
  • Clearances P / P: 1.8
  • Touches: 80.9

3. Marquinhos

Marquinhos has been at a fairly high level at PSG for several years now. The Brazilian center-back is also one of the key pieces in the impressive Brazilian team and, in all their teams, the center-back plays a key piece in various aspects of his team’s scheme.

For this reason, in our opinion, Marquinhos deserves the silver medal in our ranking.

Marquinhos Statistics In League 1:

  • Games: 25
  • Clean sheets: 13
  • Interceptions P / P: 1.1
  • Inputs P / P: 1.1
  • Clearances P / P: 2.9
  • Touches: 78.7

2. Leonardo Bonucci

Leonardo Bonucci is living as a second youth. The Juventus Turin center-back, at 34, is at his highest level and his great individual performance in Serie A and in EURO 2021 demonstrates this.

After his great tournament, Bonucci entered the EURO ideal eleven. Above all, after his huge final in which he was a wall, he scored the tying goal and served his penalty in the decisive round.

Leo Bonucci Statistics In EURO

  • Matches: 7
  • Clean sheets: 2
  • Interceptions P / P: 1.7
  • Inputs P / P: 0.6
  • Clearances P / P: 2.0
  • Touches: 78.3

Leo Bonucci Statistics In Series A:

  • Games: 26
  • Clean sheets: 2
  • Interceptions P / P: 1.3
  • Inputs P / P: 0.7
  • Clearances P / P: 2.5
  • Touches: 66.8

1. Ruben Dias, The Best Center Back in the World

Finally, the gold medal in our ranking goes to Rúben Dias, Manchester City’s Portuguese central defender who played a season worth studying. Since, he greatly reinforced City’s defensive scheme and was crowned the best player in the Premier League, thus becoming the first player to do so in his first season in England.

At the EURO, Dias came in as the big star to watch, and, coupled with the disappointing level of his entire team, he fell short of expectations. However, one thing is for sure, Rúben Dias is a center-back who meant as much to Manchester City as Virgin van Dijk’s signing for Liverpool.

Since, after many years of looking for a defensive piece that would elevate him to another level, Guardiola found the ideal center-back who not only defends well, but also generates play, creates danger, and joins creation perfectly. Without a doubt, a star is a promotion.

Ruben Days Statistics In The Premier League:

  • Games: 32
  • Clean sheets: 15
  • Interceptions P / P: 1.1
  • Inputs P / P: 0.8
  • Clearances P / P: 2.8
  • Touches: 93.4


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