The 10 Best Goalkeepers In The World 2022/2023

Best Goalkeepers In The World 2022

Best Goalkeepers In The World 2022: These are the fittest goalkeepers of the moment. We analyze their most immediate performance based on the statistics of the most relevant competitions to make our top 10.

Best Goalkeepers In The World 2022

The goalkeeper position is vital for any team that aspires to great achievements. Despite not being the most media position, figures such as Gianluigi Buffon, Iker Casillas or Oliver Kahn have helped reinforce the importance of this profile. Currently, making a list of the best goalkeepers in the world is not easy due to the high level that exists in the big leagues.

So far, the only goalkeeper to have won a Ballon d’Or has been Lev Yashin, the Black Spider. Obviously, he has not been the only one to deserve it. The aforementioned Casillas, Buffon, or Kahn could well have won this individual award but it is clear that there are positions that look less on the pitch in the eyes of journalists.

How Do We Rank The Best Goalkeepers In The World?

The easy thing would be to stick to the goals conceded by each goalkeeper to establish a ranking of the best goalkeepers in the world, but we are going to go further. We will also rely on the technical and tactical qualities, as well as the personality of the player to determine the ranking positions.

  • Goals conceded in the Season: 40%.
  • Technical Qualities: 40%.
  • Personality and Leadership: 20%.

The goalkeeper position is fundamental in a team. The overview that he has can provide a lot of information to his teammates, but it is also important that he is a leader.

10. Samir Handanovic (Inter Milan)

Samir Handanović has completed another season at a superlative level. The 37-year-old Slovenian goalkeeper has managed to lift the Serie A trophy with Inter Milan showing why he should always appear in the rankings of the best goalkeepers in the world.

In the Italian team, he has averaged an impressive 0.9 goals conceded per game. In addition, in 37 games with the Nerazzurri, he has received 33 goals and has managed to accumulate 14 clean sheets.

9. Emiliano Martínez

Emiliano Martínez is the current goalkeeper for Aston Villa in the Premier League, as well as for the 2021 Copa América champion Argentina team. His great performances in the English league have earned him a creditable eighth place in this new update of the ranking in which the level has risen quite a bit and others have lowered it (the cases of Oblak and Ter Stegen bear witness to this).

His ability to command from the defense as well as his saves have made him a key player in his team and he could well be one of the surprises in the 2022/2023 transfer market. He has a good poster and could occupy the goal of some great from the Premier League to LaLiga.

8. Marc-André ter Stegen (FC Barcelona)

One of the most sensitive drops in the list of the best goalkeepers in the world. Ter Stegen is not in his best moment, like Barça, and he is conceding more goals than in other seasons, being less decisive.

Marc-André ter Stegen’s season with FC Barcelona has not been good, things as they are. The German goalkeeper has missed part of the tournament due to an injury that affected him at the beginning of the course. However, once he returned to his old ways, his regular impact was noticeable and much, since a large part of the merit of FC Barcelona to stay in the fight for LaLiga went through the interventions of ter Stegen.

On an individual level, ter Stegen did not have his best year, since the compiled statistics show a fairly considerable drop in level. However, due to her diving, miraculous saves and good footwork, she is still in the TOP 5 of the best in the world.

Among his statistics, we can find that the German goalkeeper received 32 goals, made 78 saves, and kept a clean sheet 11 times in 31 games.

7. Ederson Moraes (Manchester City)

The silver medal in our ranking goes to one of the best goalkeepers born on the South American continent, Ederson Moraes. The Brazilian has signed a season to remember in a Manchester City that was left on the verge of European glory against Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea. In the Premier League, his dominance was such that the citizen team became the team with the fewest goals in the impressive 20/21 campaign.

His defensive contribution was evident, and he was also the goalkeeper with the fewest goals scored in the 2020/2021 Premier League (28 goals conceded and 19 clean sheets). As if that were not enough, he managed to become a starter in the Copa América, adding the excellent figures of three clean sheets and one goal conceded in four games.

If we had won the Champions League and the Copa América, perhaps we would be talking about the best goalkeeper in the world today. However, at a statistical level, there is one goalkeeper who stands out from the rest and that is first place in our ranking.

6. Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich)

The German remains one of the most reliable goalkeepers today. Bayern is a leader in the Bundesliga and has been intractable in the Champions League. Serious candidate to lift the title.

Manuel Neuer at Bayern Munich requires no explanation. The German goalkeeper continues to show year after year that he still has a lot to give to the Bavarian sport. Therefore, despite not having completed a season as successful as the previous one, Neuer is still among the elite of the best goalkeepers on the planet.

Had it not been for the German team’s failure at the EURO, Neuer would probably have climbed higher in the rankings. In addition, the 42 goals he received in 33 games for Bayern greatly hinder this climb. As if that were not enough, he only added 9 clean sheets and averaged 83 saves.

5. Alisson Becker (Liverpool F.C.)

Alisson Becker is another goalkeeper who has not had an excellent season, like, for example, Marc-André ter Stegen. However, the player’s impact on Liverpool’s scheme remains as key as in the season in which everyone asked for the Ballon d’Or for the Brazilian.

Liverpool’s dismal defensive season slightly dampens Alisson’s impact. However, in the Premier League, he has added the following statistics: 32 goals conceded, 10 clean sheets and he averaged 84 saves in 33 games.

4. Gianluigi Donnarumma (PSG)

His beginnings at PSG are being remarkable, despite not enjoying 100% ownership (shared with Keylor Navas, another goalkeeper who could well enter this top 10 best goalkeepers if it weren’t for his lack of minutes) is being one of the best on his team and is already close to a very high level, knocking on the door of the great goalkeepers of the moment.

After a dream EURO and a season that ended with AC Milan in Champions League positions, Gigio Donnarumma has slipped into the ranking of the five best goalkeepers in the world. The Italian goalkeeper, with a quality and a category worthy of a more experienced player, managed to lead his team to the long-awaited Euro 2021.

Currently, and after a transfer market with many movements, the Italian goalkeeper has completed a transfer to PSG that has catapulted him to another sporting level.

Not surprisingly, in Serie A, the Italian goalkeeper managed to accumulate these impressive statistics: 38 goals conceded, 92 saves, and 14 clean sheets in 38 games. Now, in the EURO, his statistics improve enormously: 4 goals conceded, 10 saves, and 2 clean sheets in 7 games.

Of course, compared to other goalkeepers in this ranking, his numbers may not seem all that impressive. However, it is necessary to highlight his impact on an AC Milan in reconstruction and an Italian team for which nobody gave anything.

3. Edouard Mendy (Chelsea FC)

The one that raises the most in the ranking without a doubt. The current Chelsea goalkeeper has proven to be one of the fittest goalkeepers in the world.

Édouard Mendy has changed the face of Chelsea. After many years looking for the perfect substitute for Courtois at Stamford Bridge, the sports management signed an experienced Senegalese goalkeeper who, little by little, showed all his talent in the big events.

Currently, Mendy has become the first African to lift the UEFA Champions League and, with his decisive saves, has contributed enormously to Thomas Tuchel’s project. In 2020/2021 Premier League, Mendy managed to concede just 25 goals in 31 games. In addition, he accumulated 16 clean sheets and averaged 57 saves.

2. Jan Oblak (Atletico Madrid)

Oblak is still a great goalkeeper, but the losing streak of his team has also ended up affecting his performance. The moment he gets back to the best version of himself, he will make things very difficult for the current number one.

Jan Oblak repeats as the best goalkeeper in the world after having one of his best seasons individually and collectively. The Slovenian goalkeeper has achieved the impossible by being crowned champion of LaLiga Santander in the same season in which he has been crowned with his fifth Zamora trophy for the goalkeeper with the fewest goals scored in the first division.

In this way, Oblak now equals two of the best players in the history of LaLiga, such as Víctor Valdes and Antoni Ramallets, and becomes the first non-Spanish goalkeeper to achieve five Zamora trophies, and is also the second in history to achieve four in a row since Valdés himself did it between 2008 and 2012.

His excellent statistics speak for themselves, the Atlético de Madrid goalkeeper has had one of his best seasons and his statistics speak for themselves:

Statistics Of Jan Oblak in Laliga:

  • Matches: 38
  • Heading: 38
  • Minutes Per Game: 90′
  • Awards To The Best Player Of The Week: 4
  • Passes By Match: 30.5
  • Close Goals: 18
  • Conceived Goals: 0.7
  • Penalty Stopping Efficacy: 2 Unemployed Out of 4 Possible
  • Conceived: 25
  • Goals R. Within The Area: 23
  • Goals R Outside The Area: 2
  • Total Stops: 103

1. Thibaut Courtois (Real Madrid), The Best Goalkeeper in the World

The great moment of form in which Thibaut is has taken him to first place at the top. The Belgian is one of the main architects of Madrid’s leadership in the league and of what has been achieved in the Champions League so far.

The Thibaut Courtois thing at Real Madrid has gone from less to more since the arrival of the Belgian at the Santiago Bernabéu. This season, despite not having managed to win any title, the white team has been a wall thanks to the enormous interventions of a Courtois who seeks to sit on the Zamora throne again.

His individual statistics are what has catapulted him to the third position in this ranking. Since, in a league in which three of the best four goalkeepers in the world are found, Courtois has managed to stand out from the rest by being the second least scored goalkeeper in LaLiga with 28 goals conceded and 17 clean sheets in 38 games.

Interesting Facts About Goalkeepers:

✓ Who Has Been the Least Scored Goalkeeper in the Major Leagues?

After the 2020/2021 season, surprisingly, the goalkeeper with the fewest goals in the major leagues was Frenchman Mike Maignan. This player, who thanks to his interventions managed to defend the goal of a Lille that cried Ligue 1 champion, added the impressive figure of 23 goals conceded in 38 games.

Behind, but not far behind, were the figures of Ederson Moraes (19 clean sheets and 28 goals conceded), Jan Oblak (18 clean sheets and 25 goals conceded), and Thibaut Courtois (17 clean sheets and 28 goals conceded)

Statistical Summary:

  • 1.- Mike Maignan – OSC Lille – 23 goals conceded in 38 games
  • 2.- Jan Oblak – Atlético de Madrid – 25 goals conceded in 38 games
  • 3.- Thibaut Courtois – Real Madrid – 28 goals conceded in 38 games
  • 4.- Ederson Moraes – Manchester City – 28 goals conceded in 36 games

✓ Which Goalkeeper has Added the Most Interventions?

It is no surprise that the most decisive goalkeeper in the world today is Jan Oblak. The Slovenian goalkeeper has shown once again that good footwork is not everything to determine the results. For this reason, given his impressive 103 saves made in LaLiga Santander, we find ourselves the best goalkeeper in the world today.

✓ Who is the Goalkeeper Who has Achieved the Cleanest Sheets?

Again, Mike Maignan has added another milestone to highlight in this section. Since the French goalkeeper added the overwhelming figure of 21 clean sheets in Ligue 1. In this way, he once again surpasses the other three best goalkeepers of the moment with these statistics:

Statistical Summary:

  • 1.- Mike Maignan – OSC Lille – 21 clean sheets in 38 games
  • 2.- Ederson Moraes – Manchester City – 19 clean sheets in 36 games
  • 3.- Jan Oblak – Atlético de Madrid – 18 clean sheets in 38 games
  • 4 .- Thibaut Courtois – Real Madrid – 17 clean sheets in 38 games


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