Top 10 Disadvantages of Love Marriage

Disadvantages of Love Marriage

Disadvantages of Love Marriage: The term love marriage is usually described when two people love each other and decide to get married without any involvement of any elders. This type of marriage is mainly used in South Asia, making more countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.

Centuries after the initiation of these love marriages will happen between the same community and it becomes more often between two different groups, and also between countries too. Love marriages without any boundaries do not mind that couples in their communities Difference, religion or caste.

Disadvantages of Love Marriage

Here are the top 10 Disadvantages of love marriage

Family Support:

Usually love marriage is not often supported by parents due to the differences between the two families. The reason comes from the opinions of relatives, and there are big differences between two communities.


Before Love marriage there is a lot of expectations from each other Because they together for a long time. This may cause them to break the relationship because they discover the difference between before and after marriage.


Before marriage, there are free to do anything or going anywhere, but this situation will change after marriage. Since the family will not have such freedom to do such things, they hope.


Mainly in love marriage the parents believe just because of the happiness of their children. but he will not be ready to accept other people. This leads to hate this person without any reason and eventually ends in the misunderstanding.


Since the couple’s family does not accept each other, it is easy for both families to seek reasons and point out each other’s shortcomings. This will increase the dispute between the couple and the family will be encouraged to make decision if they wanted to end the relationship.

To Get to Know Each Other:

When they are in love and then get married before marriage they show their best partner, but once they get married and start living together, they see their partner’s negative too, it will make the partner enter a state of disappointment whether there is a healthy relationship or not.

Financial Problem:

As a couple, the only thing they think about in love is to be a husband and wife. They don’t think about financial problems and they will not have to be prepared. Getting married without family attention will cause them to have no one to help them financially.


Before marriage husbands and wives treat each other as equals when they get married, The first conflict after marriage will raise to change their surnames. This lack of understanding Conflict raises.


The relationship of the same age have a lack of maturity. Two people will think that in the same way, wheather it will be good or bad at the end. Because they don’t think the pros and cons of others’ decisions.


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