What Are Benefits of Quitting Smoking? 10 Benefits of Quitting Smoking

What Are Benefits of Quitting Smoking

What Are Benefits of Quitting Smoking? We all know that it is better to quit smoking to improve our health and general wellbeing.

What Are Benefits of Quitting Smoking?

In this article, you will find 10 benefits of choosing to quit smoking if you have not already done so!

Feel Less Scared:

Though smokers may think of taking this one big drag of the cigarette can help calm their nerves. A UK study published earlier this year suggests that smoking can reduce anxiety in the long run. People who quit smoking can experience a marked decrease in anxiety, while people who continue to experience a slight increase in anxiety in the long run. Similarly, a 2010 study in Addiction magazine showed that stress decreases for those who have not smoked for a year after being hospitalized for heart disease

Your Mouth will Thank you:

Quitting smoking can significantly reduce your risk of dental problems like tooth decay and gum disease, or more dangerous situations like oral cancer , according to a study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Compared to non-smokers, smokers have a 1.5 times higher risk of oral problems

Your Sex life will Improve:

Studies link smoking and decreased sexual desire in both men and women. They improve the condition of your skin. If you want your skin to look better, then it is better to stop smoking. The tone of the skin is affected by the cigarette because it promotes relaxation of the skin and naturally increases the wrinkles around the mouth. However, a month and a half after quitting, the skin begins to be in better condition.

You will have More Hair:

If You Like Your Hair, It May Be Cigarette Time Several studies have shown that there is a link between smoking and a higher risk of male pattern baldness. You will be in a better mood. Brown University researchers found that smokers were happier when they quit smoking, although they later started smoking again.

You will have More Birthdays:

Women can live up to 10 years longer by quitting smoking, according to a study published in The Lancet Magazine. The researchers also found the more women smoke, the higher the risk of premature death , and this also applies to people who smoke between one and nine cigarettes a day: the risk of death is twice as high as that of non-smokers.

You will Increase the chances of Conceiving:

When trying to conceive, one of the best decisions you can make is to quit smoking. NBC News reports that women who smoke are 60% more likely to become infertile compared to non-smoking women. Smoking is also linked to involuntary abortions.

You will Enjoy More of your Meals:

If you don’t like tasteless food, then don’t smoke, that’s what researchers say in 2009, conducted a small study among Greek soldiers that showed that there is a link between smoking and the fact that the taste buds are becoming increasingly insensitive.

Colds Won’t be that Bad:

Symptoms of a mild cold could take on more serious form in smokers, according to a study by researchers at Yale University. The results, published in 2008 in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, show an overreaction of the immune system in mice exposed to cigarette smoke when they are then exposed to a virus similar to influenza.


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