15 Health Benefits of lemon: Also Know Health Benefits of Lemon Juice Water

Health Benefits of lemon

Health Benefits of lemon: Lemons have been known for their medicinal properties for hundreds of years – especially as a remedy for scurvy among those who first sailed the great oceans. Today you hardly get scurvy anymore, but lemons definitely have more to offer. Read on to find out more about the health effects of lemons.


Have you ever given a baby a lemon to eat? (Didn’t you? Almost 100 million people think it’s hilarious !) Lemons are known for their tart, sour taste and are usually not eaten alone. However, there are some sweeter strains that are gradually becoming fashionable but are hard to find.

Lemons grow in warm, tropical climates and have white flowers. The fruit is technically a type of berry with a thick skin.

The Health Benefits of lemon:

1. It Contains a lot of Vitamin C:

Citrus fruits are known to be high in vitamin C, and lemons are no exception: one lemon already contains half the recommended daily allowance. Of course you don’t just eat it, but with the right recipes it will be much easier to meet your daily needs.

2. It can Prevent Asthma:

A study has shown that vitamin C relaxes the airways and thus possibly alleviates symptoms of asthma.

3. It Improves the Absorption of Iron:

A deficiency in iron (which can lead to anemia) is one of the most common deficiency symptoms in the First World. The main symptom of anemia is a constant, debilitating feeling of exhaustion. If you eat foods that are high in vitamin C – for example lemons – this will help your body get as much iron as possible from the food.

4. It can Lower the Risk of Stroke:

A study by the American Heart Association found that women who eat a lot of citrus fruits (including lemons) can reduce their risk of stroke by up to 19% in this way. The exact number depends on the amount consumed.

5. It Relieves Inflammation:

Lemons have been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects. In one study, lemon pulp was used to treat inflammation in laboratory animals. The symptoms were reduced by 73.5%.

6. It can Curb the Appetite:

Lemon water is very popular as part of diets. Many lemon fans use it to curb their hunger. Lemons, like most fruits, contain pectin – a type of fiber.

However, I believe that the effect of such a small amount of juice is negligible. The amount of fiber consumed this way is very small, so in this case the placebo effect is probably at work.

7. It Protects the Urinary Tract:

Lemons are a diuretic, so they have a diuretic effect. They also change the pH of the urinary tract, making conditions worse for bacteria. Both of these factors help prevent urinary tract infections.

Lemons also keep your kidneys healthy. Citric acid can dissolve painful kidney stones. In one study, lemon juice was successfully used to treat hypocitratural nephrolithiasis (a type of kidney stone).

8. It Can Protect Against Infection:

Foods high in vitamin C help our immune system fight viruses and bacterial infections. Most of us are also familiar with vitamin C as a remedy for the common cold- the evidence is not yet clear, but studies have shown that vitamin C is also effective against cholera and candida infections.

9. It Freshens Your Breath:

Lemon water refreshes the breath. Its antiseptic properties can kill bad bacteria in the mouth. In one study, lemon essential oil had good results. (Other good oils are tea tree oil, oregano oil, and clove oil)

10. It Supplies Your Body with Potassium:

Lemons contain a healthy dose of potassium, an element important for heart, nerve, and muscle health.

11. It can Protect Against Cancer:

A study that looked specifically at flavonoids in citrus fruits found that this could particularly reduce the risk of developing esophageal cancer.

12. It Keeps the Heart Healthy:

There is a great amount of research showing the protective effects of lemon on the cardiovascular system. It is especially worth mentioning its constituent limonin, which lowers the level of bad cholesterol in the blood.

13. It can Protect Against Arthritis:

The anti-inflammatory effects of lemons could protect against inflammatory polyarthritis (a type of rheumatoid arthritis). People who eat low-vitamin C foods are 3 times more likely to develop arthritis than people who eat a lot of vitamin C.

14. It can Slow down the Aging of the Skin:

Vitamin C is involved in the production of collagen – this is a protein that keeps the skin plump and supple. A study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that regular vitamin C consumption resulted in younger looking skin and fewer wrinkles.

15. Lemon Water Keeps Moisturizing:

Lemon water is a great alternative to high-calorie sports drinks. It contains electrolytes like potassium, calcium, and magnesium and will keep you well hydrated.

12 Health Benefits of Lemon Juice Water That You Probably Didn’t Know:

Health Benefits of lemon

Water with lemon juice is an easy and surprisingly healthy detox to start the day. In any case, I noticed a clear difference in the self-test after I got into the habit of drinking a glass of water with the juice of a lemon every day immediately after getting up. The intense taste wakes you up and gives you energy for the day.

Some sources say it’s best to mix the juice with warm or even hot water. This gives you a healthy alternative to morning coffee. Personally, I prefer lemon water with filtered water at room temperature. It is important not to use chilled water, as it can be a small shock to your digestive system as soon as you get up.

Of course, it is much better to take real lemon juice and avoid concentrate, because it usually contains sulfites – these are preservatives that are poorly tolerated by some people. In addition, most of the natural enzymes, antioxidants and vitamins are lost during the manufacturing process – so reach for real lemons in the supermarket, because these have the best ingredients.

Lemon juice with water – easy and quick

  • Grab a lemon
  • Use a juicer to squeeze them out
  • Remove the seeds and pour water over the juicer to get as much out of the lemon as possible
  • Pour the whole thing into a glass and drink it right away

Fresh lemon juice has a ton of health benefits, we have listed the 12 best for you here. With a little practice, the whole ritual will take you less than a minute, so:
No excuses not to at least try!

12 Health Benefits of Lemon Juice Water:

  • Fresh lemon water, drunk in the morning immediately after getting up, can protect against digestive problems such as flatulence or heartburn or alleviate the symptoms, and overall stimulate digestion.
  • Lemons are antiseptic and have a cleansing effect on the liver, kidneys and blood. Most importantly, an overworked liver can affect your mood, so this simple way of cleansing it every morning can have a long-term impact on how much energy you have during the day.
  • Drinking lemon water in the morning will help you meet a good portion of your daily vitamin C requirements. Lemons are also a good source of folic acid and minerals like potassium, calcium, and magnesium.
  • Because lemons contain so many minerals, they have an alkalizing effect on the body, despite the citric acid. In fact, it is not the acidity of a food outside the body that determines whether a food is alkaline or acidic in the body, but the way in which it is metabolized during digestion.
  • Lemon water aids in elimination and helps prevent both constipation and diarrhea. Another good reason for lemons right after getting up!
  • Lemon water has a positive effect on the skin. The high vitamin C content certainly contributes to this, but the cleansing, detoxifying, antibiotic and antioxidant effect overall should play an even greater role.
  • Limonoid Glucosides are an interesting flavonoid ingredient in lemons because researchers suspect that it has an anti-cancer effect. Its protective effect also lasts much longer in the body than many other natural cancer-inhibiting substances.
  • Lemon water helps your liver make more bile, helping digest fats. This makes lemons especially useful if you’re planning a hearty breakfast after a hard night. And, realistically speaking, the nutrients in lemon will help you clear your head more than fat, industrially produced sausage and bacon.
  • The antibacterial properties of lemons can help get rid of a throat infection. If you have a sore throat, sipping warm water with lemon every few hours will help. However, if you drink lemon water every morning, you probably won’t get a throat infection anyway. I can’t remember ever having a sore throat since taking the habit of drinking lemon water in the morning.
  • Lemons help your body make less mucus. Especially if you often drink cow’s milk (where the galactose, the so-called mucus sugar in milk, promotes mucus production), lemon water may be the right thing to reduce your body’s mucus production.
  • Many diet programs point to the benefits of lemon water and acid for burning fat. I would be wary of so many sensational promises – the most important thing is still avoiding fattening up, exercising, and changing the time between meals to increase your weight loss potential – but lemon water is sure to be a good add-on aid if you are Want to reduce your body fat percentage.
  • Lemon water first thing in the morning is a great help against bad breath. The high content of antioxidants and antibiotic ingredients may also help to reduce unpleasant body odor in the long term. There are really a ton of good reasons to start your day with a glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice in water.

Lemon Water – What You Should Be Aware Of

Health Benefits of lemon

Along with the many benefits of lemon water, there are also a few things to keep in mind.

Right at the beginning it should be said: The kernels of the lemons are not good for you. Sure, one or two won’t harm you, but overall, better not to swallow them, and most importantly, not to chew them. So if you’re using a juicer with a colander, just leave it in the colander. If a few of the smaller kernels do find their way through the sieve, they usually float and can then be easily fished out with a teaspoon. The larger ones usually stay at the bottom of the glass.

It is best to try to avoid sugar, honey (with the exception of regional, natural or manuka honey), maple syrup or other sweeteners, because these simple sugars (monosaccharides) negate some of the benefits.

If the intense taste of lemons is not your cup of tea, it is best to simply pour the drink down in one gulp, so you hardly taste anything.

That being said, why does everything have to be sweet today? After all, the human palate is designed to enjoy a wide range of different flavors. In Ayurvedic medicine, a large number of different flavors in the diet support physical and emotional well-being.

Some people fear that the citric acid could damage their tooth enamel. Personally, I don’t have any problems with it, but it makes sense not to keep the lemon water in your mouth for too long and drink it quickly.

I’ve gotten into the habit of rinsing my mouth with a sip of plain water right after my glass of lemon water. If you are worried about your teeth, you can also use a straw to sip your lemon water to keep it from coming into contact with your teeth. It is also important to wait about half an hour before brushing your teeth.


Health Benefits of lemon

Drinking a glass of lemon water right after you get up has a number of health benefits. Even if you are very busy, you can find the time to take this simple step towards more energy and better health.

As with any new habit, it’s a good idea to try it out for at least two weeks and then ask yourself how you are feeling.


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